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    LUA Issue

    @Snow Message a staff member next time you try to load in or just hop in TS when I'm on and I'll set you to recruit
  2. Pretty sure this was brought up but never answered. Do you guys have an answer? @Whitey@Wolf@Guskywalker Also, [IG] MorganTrademark - Krennic - Put me in the Draw Whitey
  3. It was an honour serving with you, Agent Hask o7
  4. M y C l e a r a n c e C o d e I s n ‘ t w o r k I n g
  5. I thought this post was about legos
  6. Welcome to the community I hope you enjoy your time here!
  8. Literally sits there and watches us die every match. Gmod SW: Empire at War (Thrawn's Revenge, Stargate, Republic at War, Super Star Wars, Battlefront Commander, Remake) SOASE:R (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion) Thrawn's Revenge Mod Golf with Your Friends World of Warships Arma 3 Fortnite (Rarely) With @Anthony @Lincoln & @gay I mean @Twinkie
  9. Morgan

    Waypoint system

    Though I have never played King of Hill, I understand what you're getting at here though this isn't what I'm suggesting. I'm going to provide a very shitty analogy for what I'm suggesting. Basically, I'm suggesting an advanced and cooler flare gun. One that can be used to mark locations around the map for players. Though I like what you're suggesting and if that can be implemented that would be very cool.
  10. So I've mentioned this in the past to my fellow peers but I never actually went into detail with it, but after an event that Pinejack ran yesterday, I decided to make a post about it. What I'm suggesting is a waypoint system for events that would allow staff to use their tools guns to spawn in a waypoint that can be seen throughout the entire map. The waypoint would include the following: Be able to be spawned in with a tool gun Change the colors of the waypoint Delete the waypoint using the tool gun Be able to add a description, so you would see a circle or something c
  11. @BevanThis is something you would take up to the FO, Navy Commander, and or the Grand Admiral
  12. When @Jman1308is also away rip Jman you need to come back. We gotta continue the Sins games now that Gusky is back.
  13. Don’t you already have a forums account?
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