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  1. Can you teach us how to make DT snacks
  2. Just to clarify I’m not leaving the server I’m just resigning from EM
  3. Pretty sure it isn’t possible to go over 128
  4. I'm not gonna go into detail why just that I've been informed of something that is currently happening within my family that I need to attend to. As such effective immediately I'm resigning from my position as Junior Event Master here on Imperial Gaming.
  5. Goodbye old friend o7 You'll be remembered Head Agent. (Fortnite is big gae btw but i'll play if you want.)
  6. Morgan

    PAC3 Camera

    Havoc does have a point. I’ve had this happen to me before and if something like this is implemented it may distract people or interrupt RP situations, generally ruining a user’s immersion.
  7. -1 easily abusable and unnecessary
  8. #precisionalignmentsquad @Butcher232
  9. I liked him in The Crown. Really liked him as Phillip
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