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  1. ? I think you're mistaking me for the wrong guy, I don't remember interrogating a pilot. Most of my interactions with you were on the DS map. My interactions with you haven't been about breaking protocol either.
  2. -1 All the interactions I’ve ever shared with you haven’t been good, whether it be you minging or disrespecting your peers. I do not believe you are fit for the role of moderator.
  3. evan is good dev man +1
  4. Morgan


    Can you guys make it so we can see the details of the AOS through there? Like clicking on someone with an active aos and it would tell you why, last known location, and who placed the aos on the subject?
  5. +1 Great agent and is trustworthy. Though his PACs may be basic, there is definitely room for improvement, and I believe Imperial Gaming would be the best place for him to improve and hone his PAC3 skills.
  6. -1 Had an alt account and got banned on it.
  7. -1 only good for Halloween and Christmas (Not your song just music in general)
  8. +1 - Good RP - Active - Mature
  9. Oh yeah our boi Rommel is back. 200 IQ history memes
  10. Beetley is a very educated man, @Jman1308 can confirm. If Beetley +1 I +1
  11. @Martibo Does the development team have any plans of making it so that you can transfer credits to other players on the pointshop?
  12. @Goliath@Auzii The model also broke for me [PAC] Url failed loading https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/yo8bccuvvmk3ud0/Gas_Mask.obj (server returned 401)
  13. @Morgan ISB Bureau Chief Morgan Thank you @Bailey for taking the photo
  14. @Auzii@Goliath It says that the download has been aborted for me
  15. We have signatures for a reason xd. But nonetheless it’s a good list Morgan - Bureau Chief Morgan
  16. As I stated above this was for Sub-Materials. But Moose's material works. Thanks @Moose
  17. I'm gonna see if Moose's one works, if it doesn't I'll do that Bailey. Just wanted to see if there was anything there already.
  18. I need a completely clear/transparent/invisible material. Can't be one of those light ones. If anyone has one if you could paste it below that would be much appreciated.
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