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  1. You’re not eligible to apply for PAC3 @Head Coach Frank@ANiX
  2. Update: I am no longer the Bureau Chief of ISB, I now hold the rank of General in Regional Government as Hurst Romodi (Governor Tarkin's Adjutant and Battlestation Operations Chief) I now have 4+ weeks playtime I have created a PAC for both Romodi and Tarkin, I will add screenshots of those soon Thank you to all who have replied, much appreciated!
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/morgantrademarkUS/ Hurst Romodi Steam cards as I’m already busy funding Jman in Sins
  4. You were a good meme Mauler, it's a shame to see you go. I wish you luck with your future ventures. o7 Air General, good luck with the 84 Self-Destructing TIE Fighter Squadrons.
  5. Just cough and make it sound like you have lung cancer, it helps break the silence. That's what I do and it ends up either getting him to actually speak or me dying, most of the time the first one though.
  6. Neutral - Very low detail in the application - Mediocre PACs
  7. @Bailey@bosterflaming@Splonter Jman and I are trying to get it done on Saturday, as it would be Friday in the US meaning I could be on, and Jman would be available. Regarding time, it wouldn't matter for me because of my timezone. I'll try to get an estimate on the time but we also require an extra player. @Cody @Welshy @Lincoln @Guskywalker Would any of you be available on Saturday to play a game of Sins?
  8. Jman1308 [IG] MorganTrademark [IG] Bailey [IG] Splonter [IG] Bosterflaming @Jman1308 We got those guys above. What do we want? A game of 6 or 8. If 6 we need another person. @Bailey@Splonter@bosterflaming I'll talk to Jman about getting a time setup along with teams.
  9. For those who aren't aware, Jman and I along with other members of ISB at times like to play a game called Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. We use the Thrawn's Revenge II mod. I made this post to see if anyone else had the game and to see if they were interested. If so I wanted to go through and set up a game with teams. For those interested in playing just put your steam name down below and I'll add you and message you. Also if you have a tiny Korean boy who plays for you then you're a cheater (cough cough Jman) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (Steam Store but you can buy it off of G2A for a dollar) Thrawn's Revenge II Mod Thrawn's Revenge II Mod Menu Patch (An update to sins broke the menu so you need to install this as well) Mod description: The Emperor has fallen, and the Empire is in shambles after their defeat at Endor. Play as the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Empire of the Hand or Pentastar Alignment, each with their own unique ships, heroes and tech trees to reunite the Star Wars galaxy under your rule. @Jman1308@Welshy@Lincoln
  10. ? I think you're mistaking me for the wrong guy, I don't remember interrogating a pilot. Most of my interactions with you were on the DS map. My interactions with you haven't been about breaking protocol either.
  11. -1 All the interactions I’ve ever shared with you haven’t been good, whether it be you minging or disrespecting your peers. I do not believe you are fit for the role of moderator.
  12. evan is good dev man +1
  13. Morgan


    Can you guys make it so we can see the details of the AOS through there? Like clicking on someone with an active aos and it would tell you why, last known location, and who placed the aos on the subject?
  14. +1 Great agent and is trustworthy. Though his PACs may be basic, there is definitely room for improvement, and I believe Imperial Gaming would be the best place for him to improve and hone his PAC3 skills.
  15. -1 Had an alt account and got banned on it.
  16. -1 only good for Halloween and Christmas (Not your song just music in general)
  17. +1 - Good RP - Active - Mature
  18. Oh yeah our boi Rommel is back. 200 IQ history memes
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