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  1. 2 hours ago, Bailey said:

    Wait wait, 30 minutes, I swear ISB re-educate people for legit 2 hours? There’s limits? I think someone needs to look into this lol.

    That’s for DS stuff, though the amount of re-education needed really varies depending on the individual, how willing they are to cooperate, and the offense that got them there in the first place. Also I’ve never seen an re-edu late over an hour. 

  2. Death Star is a code name for the station with its actual title being the DS-01 Orbital Battlestation. Obviously being referred to as the Death Star because it annihilates planets, but as others have stated above the true nature of the station and it’s purposes wasn’t known amongst many, only a select few of the empires senior officers and of course those who worked and operated the station itself, until the weapon was fired in which then it’s purpose became obvious. Also keep in mind the stations code name was discovered by the alliance (rouge one) so one can just come to the conclusion that either the name spread and everyone became aware about it or something idk. After Jedha and Scariff I guess you can say the name was passed around or whatever or imperial personnel were told about it or something. 


  3. 4 hours ago, Rad_Cop said:

    Seems interesting enough but as Goliath pointed out we lack those doors so wouldn't do much other then be a remote explosive apart from on off planet events or naboo if fading doors are used.


    So until I get the chance to look around and see if there are better remote explosives mods/test the mod myself im:




    However it does look fairly cool and has some good features.

    Lol Goliath

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