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  1. @Jman1308 its time to stop
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/morgantrademarkUS/ Hurst Romodi Steam cards as I’m already busy funding Jman in Sins
  3. You were a good meme Mauler, it's a shame to see you go. I wish you luck with your future ventures. o7 Air General, good luck with the 84 Self-Destructing TIE Fighter Squadrons.
  4. Just cough and make it sound like you have lung cancer, it helps break the silence. That's what I do and it ends up either getting him to actually speak or me dying, most of the time the first one though.
  5. evan is good dev man +1
  6. Morgan


    Can you guys make it so we can see the details of the AOS through there? Like clicking on someone with an active aos and it would tell you why, last known location, and who placed the aos on the subject?
  7. -1 only good for Halloween and Christmas (Not your song just music in general)
  8. Oh yeah our boi Rommel is back. 200 IQ history memes
  9. @Martibo Does the development team have any plans of making it so that you can transfer credits to other players on the pointshop?
  10. @Morgan ISB Bureau Chief Morgan Thank you @Bailey for taking the photo
  11. We have signatures for a reason xd. But nonetheless it’s a good list Morgan - Bureau Chief Morgan
  12. Morgan

    ISD Update

    The Bellator Class is literal trash change my mind @Jman1308@Mauler
  13. OOf hurry up and finish ur weapon
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