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  1. Blowing up Coruscant with the Death Star's superlaser. Pretty sure @Snoozy has a screenshot.
  2. -1 Also can you please put all of those image links into like a spoiler or two, the post is way too long.
  3. That has nothing to do with your downvotes.
  4. Probably because the accident itself is well known as it is taught in most schools with the accident being mentioned in a variety of classes from English to World History. People may view this as a shitpost or something idk. It can also be viewed by some people as a way of using a disaster to get yourself upvotes or reputation on the forums, it's up for interpretation.
  5. Shapeshifting, like the founders in DS9. The reason, for uh... research purposes.
  6. No, the highest quality memes are: - Tom and Jerry Memes - Spongebob Memes - Bert and Ernie / Sesame Street Memes
  7. yes but do you also have the 200 iq networking?
  8. I read that as nam Cheerios and I was so confused
  9. i am the highest tier American as i have the 200 iq internet speeds and the superior mobile device, apple.
  10. I wish it was one way, transfering pointshop points for credits. Then I could have more gambling chips
  11. Hey I told the bot you did the big gay and he agreed. Speaking of the ISB bot...
  12. nice photoshopping skills @Jye
  13. its battle royale titan fall edition, better than fortnite and pubg. God tier
  14. Excuse me? Are you talking smack about Opportunity?
  15. NASA's history-making Mars rover Opportunity declared dead O7 Opportunity, thank you for your service.
  16. To my knowledge this was already in the works to be added to IG's Officer Model Pack.
  17. This, this is why I wonder why the US didn't use that third bomb.
  18. No, the superlaser is in no way operational
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