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  1. 5 hours ago, Sully said:

    Dear @Trunks,


    Thank you for taking the time to apply to become a member of the Imperial Gaming event master team, below I will give you my honest feedback and opinion on your application and highlight/address any areas that I feel could use a bit of tweaking or rewording.



    • You show a want to further yourself as a member of the Imperial Gaming community.
    • Your event example ideas are promising and if further fleshed out could prove to be promising entertaining events.


    • Applicant does not meet the Event Master application requirements
      • In order to apply for Event Master on Imperial Gaming you need to have an in-game playtime of at least 3 days, this is not including any play time achieved prior to the reset.
    • Showed a little bit of Immaturity/hostility towards a users feedback (that was justified) towards your application.
      • They way in which you present yourself is important as if you were accepted as a member of staff you would need to be a figurehead for the community and present yourself in a professional and presentable manner.
      • This shows a sense of overall immaturity which may be linked to you being of a younger age.
      • This also shows a sense of overall hostility which gives off that you are not level headed which is an important attribute for an Event Master as they are put in stressful situations on a daily basis.
    • Application itself is lacking in overall depth and detail.
      • Your answers are 1-2 short sentences, these need to be fleshed out a considerable amount in order for members of the community to gauge a proper understanding of you and your intentions.
    • Event examples are lacking in overall depth, detail and flow.
      • An example of this being the fact that in one of your event examples you state that the ship would present false codes then you would get navy to accept the ship anyway, as a member of Navy myself I can tell you straight up that this would not happen, even if an event master told me to. If the ship has incorrect codes than I cannot and will not allow it aboard the ISD.

    Constructive Feedback

    • If you could specify the roles in which you held/conducted on the other servers you have been staff on that would be a better way for members to gauge your experience.
    • Your application could be edited to make a more readable and presentable format.
    • Application answers could be further explained.
    • Event examples could be further established, take into consideration;
      • Role-play functionality
      • Alternate pathways
      • Playerbase response/actions
      • Etc.


    I spoke to you earlier today before you had put in your application and you asked for some feedback regarding your Event Ideas and overall application and although you have added some minor additional detail to your examples you have failed to listen to any of the other feedback that was given by myself or the others you spoke to, this is evident in your application and as a result I will be leaving a -1. To get a better idea of how much detail you should be aiming to include in your Application and Event Ideas you should take another look at the already accepted Event Master applications, you can do so at the following link;



    Kind regards,


    From what I remember Trunks you were always very immature and mingy. I'd also like to point out a few days ago while I was playing on some communities's SkyFactory 4 server, you were also on messing around with someone's island and your antics in that community's discord server show me that you haven't changed and you're still that minge that played on the server a year ago.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Ragnar said:

    Listen here, Mr. Clifford was a great teacher

    Bro he is more than just a great teacher. Jacob Clifford is a chad bruh like have you seen his build bro hes literally one of the most epic chads on the planet, second to Carl Azuz tho

  3. 2 hours ago, Ragnar said:

    He is in AP Economics here in America, he is having trouble with Macro.

    I'm not having issues with Macro lmao its a monkey period. All we do is watch Carl Azuz and we do the quick and dirty with Jacob Clifford. 


    2 hours ago, Crunchy said:

    Oh right, @Morgan if you would like I can send you some practice exams and stuff, and/or I could help explain some stuff to you if your having trouble, but I hope this document helps you...

    Thanks but I already have access to my boi Jacob Clifford's ULTIMATE REVIEW PACKET. A lot of what I take in high school is business oriented so stuff around economics has always been quite easy for me. 

    My economics is Macro so we look at the economy as a whole. Basically the class is self teach so in class we talk stupid sh*t and popeyes chicken tenders. We also just play on our phones and watch netflix. When we get our homework assignments we either just cheat or watch Jacob Clifford (Who is basically our teacher) and when the test comes around we use his Ultimate Review packet to study right before the test. The guy is a godsend but besides that the class is big easy. Big 5 on AP Exam. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

    +1, Your application is very detailed, well formatted and definitely shows that you want PAC3 tier 1. Your PAC examples look amazing and quite unique to other applicants, shows your skills nonetheless. Good luck.


    +1 Good Luck Commodore 

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  5. 22 hours ago, TheNegotiator said:

    I'd love to have a straight forward game, and no outside interference and or Overpowered factions *cough* AOTR Mod Blacksun Offensive Space Station / Empire with their x2 SSD and x1 ISD with a Superlaser. 

    lmao that's not broken compared to the stupid sh*t Jman and I used to play

    @Jman1308cough cough transport craft

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  6. 21 hours ago, Jman1308 said:

    Empire at War is a great game I have had many hours on, if anyone needs another player for some modded just send me a poke and I would be happy to demilitarize your naval forces.


    20 hours ago, Sully said:

    ^ this man and @Morgan are EaW veterans, you mess with them and they will wipe your forces out of existence.

    @Jman1308 Bruh we need to flex on these kiddos one day.

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