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  1. Actual bruh moment +1 for fellow American
  2. From what I remember Trunks you were always very immature and mingy. I'd also like to point out a few days ago while I was playing on some communities's SkyFactory 4 server, you were also on messing around with someone's island and your antics in that community's discord server show me that you haven't changed and you're still that minge that played on the server a year ago.
  3. Bro he is more than just a great teacher. Jacob Clifford is a chad bruh like have you seen his build bro hes literally one of the most epic chads on the planet, second to Carl Azuz tho
  4. I'm not having issues with Macro lmao its a monkey period. All we do is watch Carl Azuz and we do the quick and dirty with Jacob Clifford. Thanks but I already have access to my boi Jacob Clifford's ULTIMATE REVIEW PACKET. A lot of what I take in high school is business oriented so stuff around economics has always been quite easy for me. My economics is Macro so we look at the economy as a whole. Basically the class is self teach so in class we talk stupid sh*t and popeyes chicken tenders. We also just play on our phones and watch netflix. When we get our homework assignme
  5. Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets😤
  6. I'll never forget that sh*t, it was hilarious.
  7. The budget advisor got promoted lmao. Congrats.
  8. just bring back the original smh
  9. +1 Good Luck Commodore
  10. More than two. I'd do anything to go back and blow up Coruscant a second time.
  11. From what I can tell yes. I hope they include stuff from Rouge One and Solo as well.
  12. Not sure if anyone has posted this anywhere yet but for those wondering the game is like Lego Star Wars the complete saga but it includes the other movies as well and since I'm a huge lego fan (Like huge, spent thousands of dollars on legos when I was younger and still get giddy whenever I see legos around me) and star wars fan I decided to share it here.
  13. lmao that's not broken compared to the stupid sh*t Jman and I used to play @Jman1308cough cough transport craft
  14. @Jman1308 Bruh we need to flex on these kiddos one day.
  15. legit they need to permanently set your forums title to "Post Whore"
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