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  1. -1

    - You didn't fill out the application correctly

    -Very little effort made to the application itself

    -Playtime is too low



    I suggest you completely re-make your staff application and take a look at some of the applications that have been accepted to base off of. 

  2. There were around 10 minutes of TDM (because people consented.) but PVT Boneless was killing people who didn't consent or who agreed to be apart of the TDM. I'm not sure about Jeff Brown as I disconnected to go play Battlefront. Though this doesn't sound good. If you could show the recordings it would be nice but for now, my opinion is neutral.

  3. 7 hours ago, -CML- [IG] Divisionary said:

    I don't understand why is takes so long to accept this application, I might be missing something, but Apollo is the most deserving person of Trial Moderator at this very time.

    Yeah, I know. What has it been? 7 weeks? I've seen communities go 1-week max but here I've seen apps go for over a month.

  4. 5 hours ago, Hisoka said:

    The quote on the home page says "You're second home" when it should be "Your second home"

    RIP. Besides that, the homepage looks pretty dank. Thumbs up for the web development team and the rest who were involved.

  5. 3 hours ago, pinejack said:

    -1 Making your application in a bigger font size and all underlined does not make it any longer, nor does it make it any better. You answers consist of a grand total of 93 words. which is nothing in an application. You application also has so many grammatical and spelling errors that I can't even list them all here. Along with that, most of you answers are meaningless (ie your SUGGESTION at the end in you APPLICATION). From what I can gather, the reason you want to be staff is because people disrespect you so now you want powers to be able to punish them, which is NOT a good reason to become a staff member. If you really wanted to become a staff member, I would recommend seriously reworking this application into something worthy of being accepted.

    I agree with what @pinejack has said. You also have a history of being somewhat mingy and disrespectful to players. You even spelled Trial wrong. If you really wanted to be a staff member you would've but a lot more effort into your application. 

  6. Though your application does need more work, I know you and I do know you are capable of being a staff member. You are serious, mature, and very active. (Surprised you guys haven't heard of him he's an Ensign) I suggest you work a little more on your application. I wish the best of luck to you and I hope you get accepted. 


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  7. 26 minutes ago, Rias Gremory said:

    No Probs with your -1, yes at times I am imature or a bit mingey, but I have tried to improve over these past weeks, and I can for sure take criticism I don't understand what "has a friend that also ruined his chances" means?

    People shouldn't be judged by their friends. Like for example at my school there was were these emo kids and this one kid who looked emo and everyone assumed she was emo because she hung out with emos but It turned out she carpooled to school with one and really wasn't emo at all. Also don't respond so stuff like because I've seen things like this and they all end in chaos and eventually the app gets denied and locked. I was really tired when I made this I just woke up so if it makes no sense than rip. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Gaben said:

    I feel like that having longer events is great and all but having campaigns that have multiple parts that could last 30+ each is quite time consuming for the event staff and sometimes not enjoyable for the players.

    30+ each? What do you mean by that? Sub-events?

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