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  1. Who is the new DT commander gonna be?
  2. -1 -Never have seen you before. -Missing Information. -Color Scheme is pretty cancer. -Playtime.
  3. So wait are you coming back, Gusky? We need a Krennic. PABLO4KRENNIC
  4. I mean since staff witnessed it he probably is gonna get banned but for future reference make sure to have evidence because without it the report wouldn't get very far.
  5. Neutral I haven't seen you much in-game.
  6. +1 -Respectful -Serious -Active
  7. Yeah, what Sal said. Also, you are extremely disrespectful in game to other players.
  8. +1 Though your application is pretty short Adelfos, you are a serious player in-game.
  9. Nah wrong time frame. I like the Republic Domestic Security Agency. (RDS) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Republic_Domestic_Security
  10. Morgan

    Siem's T-Mod App

    -1 - You didn't fill out the application correctly -Very little effort made to the application itself -Playtime is too low -Grammar I suggest you completely re-make your staff application and take a look at some of the applications that have been accepted to base off of.
  11. Morgan

    Fix Playermodels

    @Hermes Hitboxes
  12. There were around 10 minutes of TDM (because people consented.) but PVT Boneless was killing people who didn't consent or who agreed to be apart of the TDM. I'm not sure about Jeff Brown as I disconnected to go play Battlefront. Though this doesn't sound good. If you could show the recordings it would be nice but for now, my opinion is neutral.
  13. Yeah, I know. What has it been? 7 weeks? I've seen communities go 1-week max but here I've seen apps go for over a month.
  14. It's gonna be at 2 am for me. RIP.
  15. +1 -He's Serious -Funny -Good at RP But, -Isn't very active
  16. -1 - I've never seen you before -Playtime too low You also thought it was a good idea yesterday to run into a hostage situation.
  17. RIP. Besides that, the homepage looks pretty dank. Thumbs up for the web development team and the rest who were involved.
  18. @Guskywalker don't wait like 1 week to accept pls just accept the man. Look at all the support. Like who even hates Qteks? How could you hate Qteks? He's awesome.
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