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  1. On 12/24/2017 at 5:29 AM, TheSSlothhh said:


    • Not well known within the community
    • You don't specify the warns, so knowing if you're competent enough to not abuse PAC3 isn't really possible
    • You don't believe you deserve PAC3

    For the time being, allow yourself to get out there into the community, talk to people, be positive, and try to make your time and others fun and enjoyable. Everyone that you come across try to make conversation, maybe ask how their day's going and it will make you look like a very positive person. With your warns, admitting to your warns is a lot better than hiding them. Hiding them makes people suspicious about what your warns are and make them more inclined to give your application a -1. And to say you don't believe that you deserve PAC3 brings up the question "Why apply for PAC3 anyways?", and you could respond by saying "Why not?", but that's besides the point. To summarise what I have stated: 

    • Get more known in the community.
    • Specify your warns.
    • Believe

    Best of luck with your application.


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