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  1. Neutral I think you should add to your application. Expect my rating to change soon.
  2. Neutral Seems serious but I haven't seen you much in-game. My rating will change soon.
  3. Neutral I suggest you work on your application.
  4. +1 -Serious when it comes to RP -Active
  5. +1 He was promoted to the rank he is now because he is serious and can be trusted.
  6. Living 4 hours away from that living tumor is terrible enough. Do it and I will PERSONALLY end you. Also +1 but nothing too extreme as this is still a military vessel.
  7. Dear Imperial Gaming, My name is Morgan and most of you might not know me unless you've been around since like June. I left the server in August as an Acting Agent of the Imperial Security Bureau. Due to recent events (My resignation as a GM from PR) I needed another server to join. After looking through some of the old ISB clips I had I have decided to return to Imperial Gaming. @Jman1308 @ANiX @NUG - Vlad I'm back Bs
  8. Dear Imperial Gaming, I'm looking some of these posts and the fact that you guys are willing to do stuff like this is why I love this community. Like I've never heard of an American server willing to give away donation money for a good cause like a children's hospital or spend the day remembering historical events. Imperial Gaming is the best community I've ever been a part of and it saddens me that I am unable to be as active as I once was. I wish you luck @Wolf and I hope to one day rejoin the community that brightened up my day everytime I hopped on the server (Even though I'm in USPST
  9. Morgan

    Order 66 - Posing

    lol they got McMeme'd
  10. What happened to Whitey? Wasn't he a Senior Event Master?
  11. The 3rd resignation this week. RIP.
  12. +1 He already had the position before. He knows what he is doing. He's active and serious.
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