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  1. 4 minutes ago, Emerald said:


    I've known Goliath for a while now and all I can say is that he would make a damn good EM.

    • Friendly
    • Helpful
    • Creative
    • Need more Event Masters
    • Active
    • Previous EM Experience
    • Loyal

    Good Luck!


  2. 2 hours ago, LePaul said:


    - Well written app (which is rare for new players)

    - PAC experience (link screenshots of previous PACs and new ones if you make them)

    - Has good intentions


    - Not well known

    - New to the IG community

    Get some playtime under your belt and I'll change my response.

    I'm gonna have to agree with LePaul here. I wish you luck with your application though!


  3. New Jetpacks

    So due to what seems like the return of Jump Troopers and a new Boba Fett I decided to create this suggestion for their "Jetpacks". Currently, they use Rocket boots which after some time can sound very annoying and just look weird when in use. The following link is a Jetpack I am a big fan of. You use A, W, S, and D to control it, CTRL to descend, Space to ascend, and shift to hover in place (You descend when in hover but at a very slow speed). Don't hesitate to comment down below on what you think of it. 

    Jetpacks by Jvs

    Squad Size Increased

    Currently, the Squad size is limited to 12 people (the max amount of people in allowed in a regiment other than STs if I am correct). I suggest that this is bumped up. For certain departments, the space needed may be more than 12. For example, Navy contains the Naval Guard, The Naval Engineers, and the Naval officers themselves. Another example is ISB. As you know ISB has two regiments and a sub regiment, this being ISB, Death Troopers, and Inferno Squadron. We always create a group to keep in touch with each other but at times the squad gets full and it makes it harder to have everyone in the squad.


    The following post will also contain any other suggestions and when I do have others unless it's a large one I will just post it here and leave another comment on the post. 

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