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  1. @Lincoln Do you have the screenshots of Inferno?
  2. A G E N T H A S K ? But in all seriousness Twinkie (The Real Agent Hask BTW) is serious and was very active before taking some time off for IRL reasons. Now that he is coming back I know he is going to be serious and a great staff member. +1 but in red
  3. I need pilot license lvl 3 pls thx +1 Active Serious Good App.
  4. Tammy's elevator killed me twice yesterday
  5. Welcome, and don't worry about it. You aren't the only American here.
  6. +1 This guy is a legend. RIP Gerry
  7. es very nice. Plus of the one
  8. Morgan

    PAC 3 Request

    I'm gonna have to agree with LePaul here. I wish you luck with your application though! Neutral
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