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  1. 1 hour ago, Twinkie said:

    I am also a fortnite king 

    @Anthony @Morgan

    Literally sits there and watches us die every match.

    • Gmod
    • SW: Empire at War (Thrawn's Revenge, Stargate, Republic at War, Super Star Wars, Battlefront Commander, Remake)
    • SOASE:R (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion) Thrawn's Revenge Mod
    • Golf with Your Friends
    • World of Warships
    • Arma 3
    • Fortnite (Rarely) With @Anthony @Lincoln & @gay I mean @Twinkie 
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  2. 3 hours ago, pinejack said:

    -1 this is a horrible application and two days of playtime is no where near enough. If you really want this to be accepted I would highly recommend checking out the other accepted applications and see the effort that they put into them. The event ideas are very basic, unoriginal and not very fun. You have also been banned AND warned on the server, and if you read the conditions of applying, it says you need a minimum of 3 days playtime.


  3. On 7/14/2018 at 4:13 AM, Eclipse said:

    +1, maybe make it act like a king of hill, so rebels/enemies can capture it? 

    Though I have never played King of Hill, I understand what you're getting at here though this isn't what I'm suggesting. I'm going to provide a very shitty analogy for what I'm suggesting. Basically, I'm suggesting an advanced and cooler flare gun. One that can be used to mark locations around the map for players. Though I like what you're suggesting and if that can be implemented that would be very cool.

  4. Neutral
    I don't really have any issues in your app besides a few grammar issues and the formatting (My own personal preference, doesn't have anything to do with your rating) but I would like to see some more PAC examples and more creative one because tbh most of the time when I see these new PAC apps all I see are people creating holograms and tbh its overused and boring. I may change my rating if you provide another set of more creative examples.

  5. 12 hours ago, pinejack said:

    -1 You have recently left/resigned/kicked/whatever from the Imperial Gaming Event Master team for extreme inactivity where no one could contact you for weeks at a time, and it is due to these actions why I am -1ing this application.

    I agree with Pinejack here, but also when you were an EM, all my experiences with you weren't the best with you most of the time just minging around. 

  6. On 7/10/2018 at 2:04 AM, Cody said:

    -1 Reasons

    • You keeping bumping your application for no reason!!!!! (I would advised against bumping it again if you want to have a hope of being accepted).
    • Your Personal RP is not very good, yet you want to create RP for the whole server.
    • Not Mature enough.

    Give it some time. Stop bumping your application. Play on the server. Get to know people better. Make the changes people have suggested. Keep proving why you would be a good event master and people may change their opinion. Best of luck.



  7. 6 hours ago, Emerald said:

    Hello Snoozy,

    This application has no detail whatsoever and I believe that you personally are not ready to receive PAC3 Tier One.

    • Detail - Your application lacks it and seems rushed.
    • PAC3 Experience - You have no experience with PAC3, So what I recommend is going into Single Player and practicing it.
    • Playtime - You have 1 day of playtime, I suggest getting atleast a week before applying.

    Therefore, I will be giving you a -1

    Good Luck.


  8. 18 minutes ago, Emerald said:

    Hello Outback,

    Your Application is quite good and to be honest, I believe you would do well with PAC3, But the examples you've shown aren't that unique.

    • Detail - It's quite good and clearly shows how you will use PAC3 Tier One.
    • PAC3 Examples - Shows that you know how to use PAC3, But they're quite boring.
    • Activity - I see you on a lot and not once have I seen you minge.

    Therefore I will be giving you a Neutral.

    Good Luck.

    Leaning toward +1

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  9. So I've mentioned this in the past to my fellow peers but I never actually went into detail with it, but after an event that Pinejack ran yesterday, I decided to make a post about it. What I'm suggesting is a waypoint system for events that would allow staff to use their tools guns to spawn in a waypoint that can be seen throughout the entire map. The waypoint would include the following:

    • Be able to be spawned in with a tool gun
    • Change the colors of the waypoint
    • Delete the waypoint using the tool gun
    • Be able to add a description, so you would see a circle or something colored blue and inside it would say "Imperial Base"
    • Be a square or circle, maybe change the shape

    An Idea I did have in case the development team didn't want it to be created using a tool gun would rather to use the current Capture Base props and do something with those. Just a basic, somewhat vague suggestion, if anyone would like to add anything that would be much appreciated. 

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  10. Neutral

    • You just returned to the server like what two days ago?
    • You can be at times pretty mingey


    • You have shown that you clearly are capable of using PAC and that you are aware of your features. 

    I suggest that you wait to apply for a while longer. Also, you need to follow the correct format.


  11. +1 

    All my experiences with you have been nothing but excellent. You’ve show that you’re active and capable to take initiative in the 996th. In regards to your application, you’ve clearly put effort into it. Your PAC examples shown that you have a clear understanding of the basics of the PAC3 editor. Good luck.

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    When you had PAC access there were CONSTANT complaints about your PACS creating FPS drops and lag. You abused PAC and you’ve been warned by staff about your PACs multiple times with you contuning to break PAC rules. At times your PACs even broke the immersion of some members of the community. Even early on you broke PAC rules when you changed your model to Palpatine, resized yourself, and added things that would not be considered appropriate to the model. I have screenshots of this but as I write this I don’t have the time to look for them. The image below is from one of Whitey’s responses to your post about SCAR and TF99



    9 hours ago, Proto_Carl said:

    I tested it on rishimoon and it didn’t create lag. The main problem was too many bone merges and this was sorted out, it was also in a development phase so it’s unfair of you to use that as a point. The only lag that came was when looking at the mountains. As for the remodel, I mentioned this in my PAC3 application, even though it was when only 10 people were on, it was still wrong.


     You’ve failed to address all the positive aspects of my application, you didn’t make sure to explain how I was removed from PAC3 only for inactivity and you haven’t provided evidence for these claims.


    I'd like to point out a few things:

    • You stated that there were 10 people on the time and admit to the fact that it was wrong. Keep in mind you don't need to follow RP rules under twenty players but you MUST follow server rules at all times. What you were doing was a breach of those rules.
    • You mention that I "failed to address all the positive aspects of my application, you didn't make sure to explain how I was removed from PAC3 only for inactivity and you haven't provided evidence for these claims"
      • One, I did provide the image above, and about the constant complaints? Go around and ask the old DT and ISB. They were quite annoyed by it. I also don't need to show you screenshots as those people DM'd me said complaints and as such I will keep them private. 
      • Two, I don't need to explain why you were removed from PAC Tier 1 access, that's not the point of this response. My point is that you abused it in the past, how it was removed is with you and the management team, not me and has really nothing to do with my response as I am only pointing out what you've done in the past, not the consequences of what you did.
      • Three, positive aspects? I didn't bother with your positive aspects because in my view you haven't changed whatsoever. As soon as I kicked you out of DT you were disrespectful and toward myself and the rest of the DT. Once you joined back the server you immediately went ahead and messaged DT if you could join back even though you were told multiple times that you are blacklisted from the regiment due to PAC Abuse, Insubordination, and your mingey behavior. 
      • Finally, I would like to present the DM you sent me over Personal Messanger here on the forums. -IMAGE-
        • That image presents your private response to me after I posted this and after Emerald quoted it. You proceed to state that Whitey's claim was before you fixed your PAC. Yes, but the process (At least what I was told, cannot confirm this 100%) that it was a long process with Whitey having to talk to you multiple times. (Again cannot 100% confirm this)
        • You stated that you mentioned the Emperor PAC in your application. I'm aware, but nonetheless its an example of you abusing PAC that I wanted to point out in my response.
        • You also state that "You're points are pointless, ..." First off, I am entitled to an opinion and they are not pointless. There were many accounts of you abusing PAC that should have been included. I went ahead and pointed them out as they were important.
        • You then proceed to state "just -1 and stop living in the past, ridiculous." One, your past behavior is very important especially for your second PAC application, so I'm not just gonna -1 and go. Second off, that is in no way ridiculous. Just because you don't like the fact that I'm not supporting your application doesn't mean it's ridiculous. You abused PAC a ton in the past and you brought very little of the story to light. You've also shown in the past that you aren't very tolerant of other people's opinions. -IMAGE-,  That was a response to a post by pinejack when you were attempting to get something for DT under the command of Colonel @Twinkie 

    I am sticking to my current response with my view that this application should not be accepted. I will no longer be commenting on this application to prevent any further arguments. 

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  13. -1

    • Most of my interactions with you haven't been pleasant
    • Minge
    • Deceitful
    • Some questions were answered incorrectly
    • Formatting issues
      • The spoilers?
    • You are missing the agreement
    34 minutes ago, Eclipse said:

    the only issue is with the 2nd event. InfectionRP is cancerous. Due to the infected not normally listening.

    I'll have to agree with Eclipse here

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