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  1. We should get an official in-game therapist. I used to be a therapist on this one server and got really good reviews. I'll be like an ISB Operative and a Therapist. Note: Wtf
  2. RP Depression. I'm pretty sure it's not just commanders that get RP DEPRESSION but I believe this can basically happen to anyone who's character has a position of power. (Security Regiments, etc.)
  3. Good. it's a fix for people who get the lua panic error when they try to join Imperial RP.
  4. Morgan

    Events That Last

    30+ each? What do you mean by that? Sub-events?
  5. These are all really good. +1 for all of these to be added, but do we have a map of Scariff? Does one exist? It would be really cool to use in an event for Shore, DT, Krennic, etc.
  6. Morgan

    Events That Last

    Good because I have a map we might be able to use.
  7. I'm going to agree with this statement. I do believe he should be unbanned as it seems no one even knows why he was banned. +1
  8. Morgan

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    That kind of attitude and tone isn't going to help your case Jerzo. It just shows your level of maturity. To prevent this from becoming an argument I will no longer respond to this topic.
  9. Morgan

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    That doesn't matter.
  10. Morgan

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    -1 You were just banned. You are a huge minge and have received 5 warnings in two days. Honestly, in my opinion, you should have been banned longer.
  11. Yes, Katelyn, we did indeed break NLR due to the fact that it got to the point where the entire server (Not over exaggerating I really mean the ENTIRE server) wanted both of them detained so everyone else can RP properly. Also outside of ISB after two warns becomes AOS. It was added a few days ago for security purposes. Thank you for reading the report and responding.
  12. No, see the thing is you kept trying to uncuff him and as we attempted to arrest him and you would kill us that's FailRP. You were told why he was being arrested multiple times and you should have just walked off. Even if you didn't know why doesn't mean you kill us, we are the law of the ship, so when people are being arrested they obviously did something wrong. It isn't your business to deal with arrests and you aren't entitled to know why your buddy is being arrested. This is a huge issue as all the time Shock, ISB, etc. keep being surrounded by minges saying oh hey why are you arresting hi
  13. Jerzo was banned for 1 hour today for FailRP but I believe it needs to be extended because of this report.
  14. Your Steam Name: Morgan™ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:102265670 Steam Name of player(s) in question: Ty: Tyhilton13; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066529038 Jerzo: Jerzo; http://steamcommunity.com/id/vJerzo/ Steam ID of player(s) in question: Jerzo: STEAM_0:1:152244096 Ty: STEAM_0:0:53131655 Date and time of Incident: 6/30/17 (7/1/17 for you guys since I live in the US.) Around 2-3 am. What has happened: Jerzo and Ty were mass rdming and fail roleplaying. The evidence below shows this with Lt. Nick o
  15. Demi. You deserve the ban. I still remembered when you and your friends ran into ISB HQ and killed Pablo and tried to kill me and some DT before you got rekt by the E-11D that the DT had. -1
  16. I agree with everything that has been stated above. Doffles's minging has gone too far and someone must take action. +1
  17. Welcome to the community! I believe I speak for everyone here when I say we hope you enjoy your time here.
  18. RIP It's sad to see you go.
  19. Hello, my name is Morgan and two days ago I found your Imperial RP server and I've been playing there ever since. I'm 15 from California in the United States of America which is a pain since the only time the server is populated is at like 11:00 PM for me. So far I really enjoy this community and look forward to seeing what it has to offer. People who don't know who I am, I'm Navy Junior Crewman Morgan. I was also the guy who tractor beamed the drop pod onto the ship releasing an infection and killing half of the ship.
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