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  1. thats what you got the plaques. The big bois get more reds and blues and the lower ones get the greys or whatever.
  2. Gatsby you got my +1 as soon as a saw the Ford Taurus.
  3. I guess titles wise going from Admiral to Colonel doesn't sound good. But once you mention that its ISB Colonel it adjusts.
  4. From Konstantine to Yularen? Is it really a demotion tbh?
  5. Not sure if this was posted anywhere here yet but for those who remember a few months ago I made a post about how LEGO was releasing a new LEGO Star Wars game with levels and content from all 9 films. Well today LEGO released a new official trailer for the game and it looks ok, however I am somewhat disappointed because in the trailer Lando actually speaks, which now makes me assume that all the characters will have actual voices instead of the old grunts and sounds like the older games.
  6. There are ways to restrict it so that others can't ruin it but realistically people would get bored of it quickly, even if it's modded.
  7. @John Nope. Take a look at the new Mac Pro. An epic one is only gonna set you back $54,000 USD (~$78,000 AUD).
  8. Most likely because they (along with myself) are well aware of Maulers PAC3 skills and how he has shown that he has the ability to be very creative with the editor and very responsible with it too. Although there aren't five examples listed, you can go to his previous PAC3 applications (Tier One and Tier Two) to see some of his older examples. Mauler has also proven to be very helpful to others when it comes to the PAC3 editor, and I recall back in March of 2018 where his assistance in helping me troubleshoot issues with my PACs is what helped me get my PAC Tier One application accepted, and I
  9. Neutral I've had concerns about his past applications however it is my hope that sufficient time has passed for him to have matured and use the PAC3 editor responsibly.
  10. As per usual Rivers be spitting facts. On a serious note however Marlu has proven in the past that he is very competent with the PAC3 editor. Back when I was still in ISB he would assist myself and other members of ISB with their PACs. +1
  11. It really do be like that sometimes. Honestly imagine playing Fortnite in 2019
  12. Welcome to the Star Wars Universe. A magical place where anything is possible.
  13. It's literally Rivers how do you not +1 one this gamer +1
  14. Ragnar its actually gotten so bad that we've adapted to the smell of the smoke. We don't even notice it anymore.
  15. SkywalkerSagaTrailer.mp4 So I was going through Instagram and I found this edit. Thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it with y'all. Not sure who exactly made it but when I find them I'll credit them in this thread. Edit: Found the guy who made the video. Alec Siegel on Youtube
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