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  1. Hello Everyone! Just letting you know i'm back from my trip to Europe and it was fantastic! Went to Italy, Greece and Croatia and Montenegro! Lots of fun stories and adventures. Got to meet my extended family and learned more of my Yugoslav heritage. feelsgoodman Anyways, I'm back now and yeah thats it. Catch you on the server!
  2. For a month. As some may know, from the 16th of June to the 17th of July, I will be gone as I am going away on a holiday. Going around Europe! Should be fun. I've missed out the last two weeks of activity due to exams too, so yeah, extra inactive! Anyway, thought I'd let people know what's going on so I don't get any "WHERE ARE YOU?" "MR - INACTIVE HUH?" notifications. See you in a month! ~ Fox
  3. As long as you abide by server rules and you are not disrespectful to players and staff. If it does get too much warnings will be issued. Please keep this in mind while playing the server. We want to keep the community safe and kind, I understand it if you want your character to be harsh, but please don’t make anything personal.
  4. Fox

    thesellphones ban appeal

    ^^^^ Have to agree.
  5. o7 Cya man Great Commander
  6. "How to have fun on CWRP with 6 people on" - Be a staff member - Spawn sh*t in - profit
  7. Wow the other team must have been really bad lol
  8. A 7th Infiltration unit wouldn’t work as we all ready have the 21st SpecOps sub reg and a bunch of other specOps regs and sub regs.
  9. Fox

    Changing of the Guard

    Such a good lad. fantastic manager, good mate. goodluck on future endeavours, you will be truely missed. o7
  10. YES YES YES YES YES mordhau all the way
  11. -1 For Reasons Stated Above...
  12. Rishi has been optimised to hold lots of players I’m pretty sure. The venator hasn’t. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. We would have to find a fully optimised good looking map if we really wanted to switch
  13. Fox

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    +1 Proven used to be a minge. Let’s get that clear. He messed up. He did dumb things. But it’s been a long time. I think he has seriously thought about it and has decided that he is ready to come back to the community. Proven has told me that he plays on EG and has a decent rep. Proven is a good guy with good intentions. And I think that he is ready to come back to the server. although I can agree, the app Lacks detail, that can easily be fixed if Proven can go over it and edit and add more things. people can change. I agree with @Helsings statement of a strict probation period. Some of you guys here don’t even know who proven is. And I’ll tell you who he is. Proven is an old member of IG, around all the way back to when I was a Commender of the Imperial Commandos. He joined the server and started a reputation as a minge. A disobedient stormtrooper. The thing is, he was smart about it. Proven knew how the rules worked and knew how to avoid larger punishment. So he focussed on petty crime. Fail rp, metagame, abuse etc. a couple rdms here and there. Back when I was a SEM for Imperial, I checked his warns. My god, I was surprised he hadn’t been banned sooner. Proven is literally the reason why we implemented new rules so that people couldn’t get away with 30+ warns. Proven was a funny guy, a mute, but funny guy. He was charming in a sense and communicated well. He was a good RPer. I took proven in, I took a lot of misfits and minges into IC, hoping I could help them and change their ways. When I was on, Proven was as good as gold. A fine trooper. A decent guy and a really good trooper to have in your regiment. I, and Lime, trained him up to be a member of IC. I can’t remember how Proven left, wether I kicked him or he just went back to ST. All I remember is that he was a fine trooper. It’s unfortunate he relapsed back into ST and started doing stupid things again, I had several conversations warning Proven. For the most part, he made excuses. However, I know now that he can’t excuse his actions any more. He has acknowledged that he has done wrong. He isn’t the same kid I knew back in the day. Getting banned from his favourite rp server would have been a real turning point for him. And he has had lots of time to think about his actions. He has changed, much for the better. And I know that proven, if unbanned, is too smart to fall into his voided past self. From what he has told me, he has made a good impression on EG and is a good player. I thought think, I hope, I know, he can do the same in our community. From the conversations he has had with me he has always had good intentions, he wants a new start on IG, a clean slate. He has apologised for his actions and blames no one but himself for the damage he may have caused. This is very admirable, and shows just how far he has come since a couple of years ago. I say give him a second shot. I know Proven will do his best. also, a note. I don’t think there’s a way to find a full list of provens warns. As I think they were cleared after negotiations and only a singular warn was placed noting that a second would bring community ban.
  14. Gonna miss you man. Cheers for the good times. Have a good one.
  15. +1 From Me. GJ man
  16. BUMP Time on CW Updated.
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