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  1. For a month. As some may know, from the 16th of June to the 17th of July, I will be gone as I am going away on a holiday. Going around Europe! Should be fun. I've missed out the last two weeks of activity due to exams too, so yeah, extra inactive! Anyway, thought I'd let people know what's going on so I don't get any "WHERE ARE YOU?" "MR - INACTIVE HUH?" notifications. See you in a month! ~ Fox
  2. As long as you abide by server rules and you are not disrespectful to players and staff. If it does get too much warnings will be issued. Please keep this in mind while playing the server. We want to keep the community safe and kind, I understand it if you want your character to be harsh, but please don’t make anything personal.
  3. o7 Cya man Great Commander
  4. "How to have fun on CWRP with 6 people on" - Be a staff member - Spawn sh*t in - profit
  5. Wow the other team must have been really bad lol
  6. A 7th Infiltration unit wouldn’t work as we all ready have the 21st SpecOps sub reg and a bunch of other specOps regs and sub regs.
  7. Such a good lad. fantastic manager, good mate. goodluck on future endeavours, you will be truely missed. o7
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