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  1. +1 - Definite. Krypton is an amazingly loyal trooper the IG community and see him often. Has many times volunteered for my events and has performed exceptionally. Thoroughly recommend for acceptance. Good Luck!
  2. Hey All, It has been an absolutely amazing journey working as an EM for the IG SWRP community. I have enjoyed every moment of interaction both with the community and staff on a personal level and is awesome to see that even today IG is still expanding. Unfortunately, due to IRL circumstances, I have decided I can no longer be the best EM that I can be for the server, so therefore today, I would like to submit my resignation as an Event Master. However, in saying this, it does not mean that I will be leaving the community, I will occasionally join up to see how things are progress
  3. @Big Papa Fully agree with everything you've said including for my slots welcome any suggestions if not too already into preparations. These polls that the EMs are currently doing are important so encourage all that are reading to please vote in them. They help us a lot. Thanks. Lynx.
  4. Sounds like lots of fun! The Covert Lynx Lynx Preferably: Fri, Sat or Sun
  5. It sounds like the type of thing possible that might happen in future campaigns rather than events. The whole idea of a campaign is to link a whole bunch of events into a story - Could see this implemented in that respect. But for single events - I don't think this is needed.
  6. Yeah, I've tried to do that - But I run into the problem that the part of the server that wasn't there at the time of the 1st event didn't get the 2nd part on another day. Otherwise, I would this type more often.
  7. Just out of interest - What would you like to see as an extra inclusion into the server?
  8. Nope. Bullying or any disrespect cannot be treated as a 'fun' RP activity. It needs to be dealt with efficiently and effectively so everyone continues to feel safe and secure while in the server. If your idea would to occur whoever is executed will no-doubt seek revenge instead of being told wrong and accepting it.
  9. @TheAwesomeSimmo - The reason is that you haven't seen this map on the server is because after it was used as a default map, it was prevented from being used for events (for obvious reasons). Otherwise I would welcome the change...
  10. Are we talking about similar implications like this?
  11. Lynx

    A /it Command

    +1- Yep could see this being used...
  12. NEUTRAL - As said above there has been a very good amount of planning that has been done in the events, which is well done. Just 2 things: 1 - It's particularly hard to adapt an event to suit all regiments in terms of tasks for them to complete. 2 - Like @pinejack stated though the events are very common and new creative ideas would be appreciated. The best way you should go about this is by creating some extra off-ship events (to add to your application) and although may seem difficult, it is actually the best way to come up with some cool things for on-ship. Good Luck, looking forward to imp
  13. Thanks, @pinejack! Good Luck to everyone else!
  14. +1 - Have seen him around often, always happy to participate in events, from which I believe the has crafted some awesome ones. Recommend for part of EM team. Good Luck.
  15. I think there is a higher possibility of considering @pinejack's version of your story.
  16. NEUTRAL - What I suggest is although you do have a couple of days under your belt is that you become more involved in the community by meeting new people and also then extending your game time because of it. Also recommend trying to add more interesting scenes to increase level of interest for your events. If you do these things then I'll be a +1 for me!
  17. Lynx

    Close this

    +1 - Gaben has a great impression on the server and like @Pablo said he is always able for someone who we as EMs trust, to get our RP job done. Keen for him to express how he would run events and seems like he has the backbone for what is required. Highly recommend for EM team! Good Luck!
  18. +1 - Ahh Frenchy, you have been a great EM and friend. I remember when we got into EM together and have enjoyed all the co-partnership in events. Good Luck as a Mod!
  19. Lynx


    But fun as all heck. I know what you mean though.
  20. +1 - Respectable rank and play time within the server. Events seem to have a good level of depth and storyline to them. Highly Recommend him to be apart of the EM team.
  21. Lynx

    Events That Last

    @Pandi So to clarify - Are you suggesting that we increase the amount of campaigns that we do?
  22. Wahoo! Excited for more videos to come.
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