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  1. +1 Solid App Wealth of experience Great guy Good Luck!
  2. this exactly, mighty +1
  3. Zoet

    Misahu Snaps

    im concerned for this man
  4. This do be lookin good tho
  5. Big +1 Every interaction with Jerry has been very positive, and his maturity and leadership in game is admirable. Good luck dude
  6. +1 Very detailed and well presented application, extremely dedicated and responsible, and all round great bloke. Would be a fantastic addition to the staff team. Good luck!
  7. Name: Zoet Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198211329727 Playtime: 2w 4d 7h Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: You're a Leg Splonter
  8. Zoet

    Back boys

    Planning on playing on the server regularly again. Looking forward to seeing some OG faces around. (used to be big boy boba attached to IC)
  9. +1, Sick of walking into the Sith Temple and seeing Palpy's shit on the chair.
  10. Sad to see you go. Good luck with everything.
  11. Unfortunately this would not work, it has been suggested many times and there is a reason it hasn't happened. Nobody wants to train recruits anyway, nevermind having that as your main job. People love getting promotions and getting high ranks, but aren't prepared to accept the downsides of them. If people are not prepared to fulfil their jobs, then simply strip them of that rank. People just need to suck up and do their job. It's a simple solution really.
  12. Well first off, I was invited to join your training by your High Colonel. When I come in your regiment is throwing grenades into a customized dupe, so I join in of course. Everyone is just having a bit of fun blowing shit up, and losing HP occasionally. Your High Colonel is on low HP and unfortunately dies when he was slightly to close to the dupe and one of my grenades catches him. As for the ST situation. My fellow regimental troopers were shooting at me from MH1, at this time there was a ST outside the Talon bunks with a gun out pointed at me. I had the right to assume that it was the troop
  13. - UPDATED - - Name and Rank - Playtime
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