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  1. Fandom is pretty reliable, seems to be a trusted source that proves accurate in other areas of Star Wars Lore.
  2. Sounds good to me! A little expantion that can create some good oppertunities.
  3. Woah! Mate been a hot minute hasn't it. - Atlas
  4. +1 pretty creative ideas. Mature around the ship from what I've seen. - Atlas
  5. @Legion Bruh the CW server. Don't tease me ARC never dies in my heart
  6. @Wombatiacus you and me mate. Terror Troopers <3
  7. What's cookin good lookin?
  8. The design is communicated very clearly. The circulation of the design is efficient which is a big plus in my books. Materiality is consistent. Some facilities can be relocated like @Kristofer has stated. Seeing as a majority of the consumers are military, I suggest adding in more/larger training rooms. Troopers seem to be restricted to hallways most of the time, it would be nice to add open areas to increase communication and connections with eachother, sparking more inclusive roleplay. Ultimately I think the layout works but needs slight improvement, the materiality is optimal, need larger s
  9. +1 I've known Greyback since 2016 and I know he can do any job he is given to the best of his ability. He is mature and is willing to RP. Additionally, he is very friendly and the joy he shows on the server is extremely contagious.
  10. Don't leave me mate :(. Eh I'll see you in the neighbourhood watch anyways you filthy being.
  11. +1 Well deserving. Good bloke, knows what is right and wrong.
  12. Just because he looks like a tadpole...
  13. Stones


    Nice rendering and model making. Do you have any examples showing the more iconographic side of graphic design? Or do you just mainly focus in 3D modelling? - Atlas
  14. Design is a form of art, designs have to be communicated similarly to art. Refining drawings uses the same programs as graphic design, even some programs that require more skill. I can put hundreds of examples in my application, I just think I showed enough for people to get the message.
  15. Mainly Rhino3D for all my archi work. Further refined and rendered in both illustrator and photoshop.
  16. Steam Name: [IG] Atlas SteamID32: 92736280 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/forghost101/ Age?: 20 What Part of the community are you from? General Community Which design programs do you use? Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Autocad, Rhino3D, MC Sketchup, Bentley MicroStation, FL studio How well do you work under deadlines? I study architecture so I am under copiou
  17. @Mongo don’t tell me you’re one of those people who order sh*t like a double whipped espresso mocha latte with extra chocolate sprinkles and coconut milk.
  18. @Ragdig Vanilla flavour is for alcoholics. If you have an ignition interlock device installed in your car and you drink a vanilla drink, you can blow a reading and can't start your car xD. https://guardianinterlock.com/blog/3-reasons-youd-get-locked-ignition-interlock-device/
  19. Besides... Everyone needs to try a drink I made. I call it "throw up and go". Made of a shot of Vodka and a single serving of Up and Go. It has to be vanilla flavoured because it contains industrial strength vanilla essence, which contains an insanely high alcohol content. I highly recommend.
  20. Well, when you're so sick you can't taste anything it all just tastes like milk ay.
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