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  1. so regiments like riot and rescue troopers then.
  2. dude I'm gonna miss the times back when we were the biggest minges on the server ;-; Blitz those lines kid I'm still higher rank than u don't forget that
  3. Maurice- '' u have 3 seconds before u get king hit''
  4. mmmmmmmmmmmm @cast@spodr hahahahahh
  5. yeah that's why we only paid for 4 slots for rescue troopers and they aren't that op they are deployed and used very well on the battle field. I got them shield because us as MT can finally not get obliterated by snipers so we can defend ourselves on the front lines and stay alive to revive u guys. they have the HP because there has always been that one person who singles MT out and kills them as an event character. they have the E -11 that we don't use because we focus on the healing mostly. I do agree with the 501st getting a buff in health or something that will help u guys.
  6. we should all just go back to a time where there was no medic regiment and no healing stations take what u get and don't complain.
  7. I don't mind if we change to clone wars or stay as Imperial I will still be sticking to the server
  8. Medical Troopers https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zxr3shVSSp_0qYjIdLqNRVk0LotrReqXf_Hz9p66NXw/edit#gid=0
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