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    Where's Doom?
  2. Gotaki

    Source Code Leaked.

    There's people streaming themselves playing TF2 right now and nothing is happening to them at all. I think it's going to be fine.
  3. Gotaki

    Source Code Leaked.

    Valve has retweeted a tweet by the official CSGO account saying that the game is safe to play and I'd assume this is the same for TF2 as well.
  4. I missed out on regular Clone Wars but I'm not missing out on this
  5. Gamma running around as One Punch Man killing everyone on the server
  6. I have probably been mostly forgotten but those of you who do remember me (somehow), I have returned! I used to play back in 2017 and had to quit playing because my really old computer (at the time) had finally died. I only managed to get a new computer recently but now I am here and ready to be a dedicated member of this community once again!
  7. Neutral - In my opinion, this won't really fit with Star Wars but I'm not too good on Star Wars Lore or anything. +1 - This would be good for like mob/crime bosses and other organisations and such. +1 - Don't forget, I showed you those models :^)
  8. We already have a new recruit model now.
  9. +1 He has been Commander of Shadowtroopers for a long time (3 Months is what he said). He should be promoted to Brigadier as he definitely deserves it.
  10. In your dreams, pine.
  11. Just a small idea regarding HK Droids. I think they should have a Sith Lord as a master. It would add some RP to HK droids instead of just walking around doing nothing. Again, just an idea I thought would be good.
  12. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  13. I think he means an AFK bypasser.
  14. It's actually harder than you think.
  15. Hello, I am that guy with the weird Japanese name that nobody can pronounce.
  16. +1 I like the ideas and the maps would be really good for events, we could possibly do an Order 66 event with that Jedi Temple Map (Not Yavin the other one) and we could have some awesome New Hope recreation or something on the Blockade Runner map.
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