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  1. Gotaki


    Where's Doom?
  2. Gotaki

    Source Code Leaked.

    There's people streaming themselves playing TF2 right now and nothing is happening to them at all. I think it's going to be fine.
  3. Gotaki

    Source Code Leaked.

    Valve has retweeted a tweet by the official CSGO account saying that the game is safe to play and I'd assume this is the same for TF2 as well.
  4. Gotaki

    Community Expansion

    I missed out on regular Clone Wars but I'm not missing out on this
  5. Gotaki


    Gamma running around as One Punch Man killing everyone on the server
  6. I have probably been mostly forgotten but those of you who do remember me (somehow), I have returned! I used to play back in 2017 and had to quit playing because my really old computer (at the time) had finally died. I only managed to get a new computer recently but now I am here and ready to be a dedicated member of this community once again!
  7. Another moderator application I get to -1 because no effort was put in. Lucky me.
  8. This application is pretty much dead at this point and I've pretty much left the community. Close, please.
  9. Neutral - In my opinion, this won't really fit with Star Wars but I'm not too good on Star Wars Lore or anything. +1 - This would be good for like mob/crime bosses and other organisations and such. +1 - Don't forget, I showed you those models :^)
  10. I would make a detailed response on this application, but it seems it's already been done for me. -1 Bad application, bad events.
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