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  1. No since if they had sabers it was organised by an event master to give them some fun things to do.
  2. Can't tell if this is a joke? This will never and I mean NEVER be added.
  3. I reckon it should be added, with a bit of nerfing though so you can't see people from so far.
  4. Love your work, apply for dev please.
  5. Make sure you have DirectX installed Put in your gmod launch options (Right Click Gmod on steam > Properties > Set Launch Options) +mat_dxlevel 90 +mat_specular 0 -heapsize 16777216 Put in your autoexec.cfg datacachesize 128 mem_max_heapsize 2048 Also make sure you only have the servers addons installed and Open Task Manager right click hl2.exe and hover over Set Priority then click High Then join the stardestroyer/rishi on singleplayer This is what I did to fix it when I had the issue, either that or it fixed over time.
  6. +1 You are mature and friendly and your events are good and unique.
  7. Kumo

    JT Jetpacks

    Good luck to him.
  8. Kumo

    JT Jetpacks

    In my personal opinion I highly doubt Rambo would be any better then the 5 developers on the team, however he could easily prove us wrong by creating a lag free jetpack instead of posting this.
  9. Try typing pac_restart and pac_draw_distance 99999 in console.
  10. my baby boi, dont leave ;(
  11. +1 would make a great addition
  12. Update 6/01/18 Missed a few points Extended answers
  13. I use sublime 2 or notepad++ also relevant to your previous post I personally dont believe much detail needs to be put in if I answered the question promptly and I sadly cant change the colour on my phone, apologies for the blandness.
  14. Name In-game: Kumo Teamspeak Name: Kumo Playtime on the server: Something around 4weeks, not near my pc right now. Age: 14 Programming languages you know: Basic GLua Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev? Being an event master my job is to make the server fun and enjoyable, I believe I can extend this by becoming a LGD in which I can also help the server grow and prosper, its that simple. Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about? At the moment nothing more than some basic useful scripts/hooks and a few jobs (some which have been added to
  15. Its common sense really, if its intended for rp then its rp if its ooc intended its ooc, basically a case-by-case type of thing.
  16. Sadly the title says it all, mods need some professionalism which good spelling and grammar contributes to. Neutral
  17. Wouldn’t want to play 2 truth’s 1 lie with you... Seriously though, im sure you will find your place in the world some day and IG is happy to be that place for now.
  18. Tick affect children only and make the event parented to the animation or whatever, also have them in different groups @KIX @Excalibur @Jester
  19. +1 The first event is unoriginal compared to the 2nd We need event masters and You are a nice guy that gets shit done and can rp it needed You do have some warns including 1 for abuse of tools
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