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  1. I know its already been fixed n all but for future reference, you don't need to spam click unsubscribe and you can just hit unsubscribe all in the addons menu on gmod.
  2. Few ideas then: Use a few long props for the seats (barron) Use 1 big prop for the roof instead of 10 The floor is made up by an insane amount, you could decrease this by using bigger props.
  3. Good building but if you really wanted to help the server by putting this into the public you wouldn't want to put your name all over it (theoretically). First off its 200 props which is insane, I could make it in like 100-70 however you denied my permission because you want all the credit to your name, I personally don't see the point in posting this to the public if you don't want people using it or modifying it. If you really wanted to help the server by adding some content to it you would make it open-source, optimize it so people stop complaining about the lag and let staff and
  4. Tarkins Initiative was a thing for a week or two when I was Chief Foreman however eventually got dissolved into Krennics AWRT.
  5. This was patched in the last gmod update (http://steamcommunity.com/games/garrysmod/announcements/detail/1461843851751450130)
  6. If this was ever implemented which is highly unlikely (the rpg's) martibo would make it colonel or high colonel+ maybe even commander+.
  7. sorry to say it but it looks #trash
  8. Kumo

    Well Bois

    How many sith tournaments have you won on that graphics card?
  9. Lest we forget. - Will post more pictures if I get any.
  10. Check your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod folder and if there is a .mdmp file in correspondence with the time your game crashed upload it and post it here please.
  11. Thats why you listen when activating the authenticator and write your recovery code somewhere.
  12. Moose with a banhammer? Caboose holding a dildo Wolf beware of dog
  13. Kumo

    Map Issues

    The map was renamed so people had a fresh download of it and had no your map differs from the server errors.
  14. What is your Steam display name?: [IG] Kumo What is your current in-game rank and regiment?: Royal Guard Trainee Eros How much time have you spent on the server?: 4w 4d 10h How active are you in-game and on the forums?: On both every day. Do you have any kicks, warnings or bans?: I have 2 warnings from 6/22/2017 and 1/04/2017 both I have learnt from and have not received any since. What do you know about Military High Command?: MHC specialises in putting order and organization in the military force of the Empire, by making sure all commanding officers are fit fo
  15. Please stop making these stupid posts, regiments already have their jobs and it won't change unless another regiment overwrites the lore etc. No regiments will be going outside of what they're supposed to (janitorial duties etc.)
  16. every person who puts shit infront of their name makes it 1% harder for staff to set your rank etc.
  17. Chief Foreman Kumo of Naval Engineers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  18. Kumo


    Aussie there is a difference between shitposting and actually shitposting, stop posting random shit that nobody cares about.
  19. If only your images weren't 200x122 resolution we could see what is happening
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