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  1. And it is rarely edited. Not trying to start shit Im just stating fax.
  2. Its not that the dev's don't know how to do this its that its never been brought up or been an important issue, everything you have mentioned is workshop content btw, not to do with IG.
  3. Pictures have been added to the scripts for deeper explanation, the menu's look so bad because I didn't put much time into making them.
  4. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your feedback. Thanks wombat, appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks Crispin. Thank you for your honest feedback. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. I understand where you are coming from, however I personally don't believe this matters in a role such as developer, thanks for your response regardless. Thank you for your response banks.
  6. Name In-game: Kumo Teamspeak Name: Kumo Playtime on the server: 7 hours (like 4 weeks before utime reset) Age: 15 Programming languages you know: Lua (GLua) Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev? By receiving this role, I will be able to better the server in its current state and in the future, I will be able to suggest new ideas and implement current ones. I believe I would make a good developer because of my knowledge and the ideas I have that I can implement into the server. Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about? DEFCON Hud - I
  7. Hey boys, im back from some other server that you probably know You probably remember me as a minge and I definitely was at the time but trust me im R E F O R M E D. I went to the other community and had to earn everyones trust back there from being a minge so I am sure I can do the same here. See you around.
  8. defcon system, sounds a bit familiar
  9. wheres st recruit kumos
  10. Yea cause the higher your channel is in private channels on teamspeak determines your relevance. EDIT: Also most of them have passwords so who the fuck cares?
  11. Neutral You are a good guy and all but there is a difference between having a good, well written application and just putting in useless things to make it look better/longer.
  12. +1 also you don't need to put every position of staff you have been for each server just put the highest.
  13. There was a suggestion for SProps a few months ago which got completely ignored even though it is better than this. just saying +1 though
  14. I thought the same thing as an Event Master and Low Grade Developer
  15. Ever since I started becoming a minge ridge has literally picked on me. He took away my PAC for the reason of "You can't be trusted" even though I never abused PAC and was pretty good at it, after I argued with him about it he unprofessionally ended the argument with k. The moment I was demoted I was removed from the staff team trello by yours truley ridge (nothing wrong with that) however I asked one of my other friends in staff and there was atleast 4 ex-staff in it. Idk if its just me but this seems more personal and bias than professional against me.
  16. I will try rigging them tommorow
  17. Thanks for showing us a bunch of blanked out lines and your google chrome tabs???
  18. Tool applications already exists, they're called engineer tryouts.
  19. Kumo

    Keycards ;)

    credits to me for helping testing it ?
  20. Like how some navy blamed it on krennic in OOC.
  21. Kumo


    @Martibo explain yourself
  22. If you mean will it heal to max health then yes however the rate will still be the same from someone with 100 to 100000 health
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