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  1. Thanks for showing us a bunch of blanked out lines and your google chrome tabs???
  2. Tool applications already exists, they're called engineer tryouts.
  3. Kumo

    Keycards ;)

    credits to me for helping testing it ?
  4. Like how some navy blamed it on krennic in OOC.
  5. Kumo


    @Martibo explain yourself
  6. If you mean will it heal to max health then yes however the rate will still be the same from someone with 100 to 100000 health
  7. The map developer yes, not the IG developers and no matter what health it will be the same rate.
  8. It should do it to the players max health. correct me if im wrong
  9. Oh no, I understand I deserve a ban however, a permanent ban ?
  10. Thats for you to decide, keep in mind I have poured hours upon hours towards helping the server and helping it grow and prosper through my roles as Event Master and Development Team. Although none of that will matter once i'm gone....
  11. Unfortunately, I didn't decide not to change, I decided to be who I am whether that be a minge or a good staff member. Due to the current circumstances I decided to be more playful and to have a bit more fun which lead to it being mingey. Also I personally saw that as a good RP oppurtunity for ISB and it was going that way until my banner came in and set us all to recruits then had his guards kill us in cold blood. However now, I am willing to change if it means me staying in the community.
  12. Steam Name: Kumo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57771691 In game name and rank: Recruit Kumo How long was the ban: Permanent Staff who banned you: Frank When was the ban: 30/01/2018 2:40 PM AWST Reason for ban: No intent to RP/Minge Explain the situation: Me, Seven and Ben came on the server to have some fun, I will admit we were pretty mingy however in no way I believe it was jurisdiction for a Perm Ban. We were never spoken to, warned or told to stop our acts and when we were set back to recruit after one of us said Death star out loud, we were in
  13. Kumo

    Sal needs help

    STOP FUCKING SAYING ITS TF2 THAT WAS FIXED LIKE A YEAR AGO On the other hand, check the other posts of peoples games crashing and try solutions posted there.
  14. Kumo

    Leaving IG

    noone cares jk luv u goodbye
  15. Make sure you are subscribed to ONLY the imperial gaming addons, unsub the others and relaunch then type menu_cleanupgmas or whatever it is. To improve performance put gmod_mcore_test 1 in console You can also try joining the map on singleplayer then joining the server
  16. Up to you, I suggest one at a time and using trial and error to see what works best - Except for the dxlevels only do one at a time.
  17. Try different dxlevels in console from mat_dxlevel 80 mat_dxlevel 81 mat_dxlevel 90 mat_dxlevel 95 mat_dxlevel 98 Do this one first - or in your launch parameters put (Right Click Gmod in Library > Properties > Set Launch Options) -dxlevel 80 -dxlevel 81 -dxlevel 90 -dxlevel 95 -dxlevel 98 In console: mat_motion_blur_enabled 0 mat_queue_mode -1 mat_fullbright 0 mat_reloadallmaterials Also make sure your directx is fully up to date https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/179113/how-to-install-the-lates
  18. uhh, only staff can view that thread, hence the 'internal'.
  19. E L I T E Em's is the best meme created by my boy Keegan/Tom
  20. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps and delete all rishi and stardestroyer map .bsp and .zips then rejoin the server. @Huntermuze
  21. Delta stops shitposting, oh wait that'll never happen. joking goodbye see u soon
  22. It is, just taking longer than expected.
  23. No since if they had sabers it was organised by an event master to give them some fun things to do.
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