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  1. 23 hours ago, Helsing said:

    - Having destroyable/respawnable dupes that can be placed by the server/console and accessed at any time without anyone needing to book areas, ask for tools or create dupes themselves. I'm unsure of how possible this idea is, as I am referring to having some sort of area that has a button or console you can press which would then spawn in a training dupe for players to potentially practise or compete against others with, without having the need for staff or tools to utilize.

    Wouldn't be hard at all, would just need someone to build the dupe.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Bailey said:

    So it's an Enderman? Super tall, doesn't like you looking at its face, grossly unproportionate limbs and hunts down anyone looking at its face.

    We out here copying Minecraft.

    Difference is this thing will literally run across the world to kill you if you see its face, and is indestructible.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Jakemg2000 said:

    Do you have physical evidence to back up your bot as bots aren't perfect and can glitch and that glitch was most likely caused by me and my friend having the same name both being wild duck


    Its not a Bot it was a script and I just tested it then and it works fine, it will only show up if a person try's to manually send the net message.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Jakemg2000 said:

    I wasn't the only one my friends was as well the one you have already commented in

    Because you were both exploiting?

    I can't honestly believe you think we are that gullible, so I will say it again.


    Stop trying to play the victim card and wasting everyones times including yours, as you know you were exploiting.

    The chance you will be unbanned is very, very low.

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  5. 1 minute ago, WildDuck said:

    Is there anyway we can be let back on the server, but be highly monitored? Because i don't have any idea how to prove to you guys that we were not exploiting. Or is there anything i can show you that will help my case because i'm completely lost


    Just now, Jakemg2000 said:

    I was effected by it as well as my steam username was the same as his at the time it has been changed now tho

    Unless you have some proof you will stay banned. If you want more information join ts.

  6. 1 minute ago, WildDuck said:

    Unless we were doing it unknowingly but i don't know how to write scripts, so maybe i downloaded a bad addon or something? 

    Not how addons work, there is legit no way it would've spammed unless you exploited.

  7. Seems like a DirectX issue, try changing your dx level

    1 - Right click Garry's Mod on Steam>Properties>Launch Options

    2 - Put -dxlevel 80 into the box and hit ok

    3 - Launch Game and type mat_dxlevel 80;host_writeconfig and try to join the server

    4 - If that don't work repeat steps 2-3 replacing 80 with these numbers until it works.

    -dxlevel 81

    mat_dxlevel 81;host_writeconfig

    -dxlevel 90

    mat_dxlevel 90;host_writeconfig

    -dxlevel 95

    mat_dxlevel 95;host_writeconfig

    -dxlevel 98

    mat_dxlevel 98;host_writeconfig


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