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  1. Because you were both exploiting? I can't honestly believe you think we are that gullible, so I will say it again. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY IT WOULD'VE SPAMMED UNLESS YOU WERE EXPLOITING Stop trying to play the victim card and wasting everyones times including yours, as you know you were exploiting. The chance you will be unbanned is very, very low.
  2. Unless you have some proof you will stay banned. If you want more information join ts.
  3. Not how addons work, there is legit no way it would've spammed unless you exploited.
  4. No possible way it could've spammed unless you were trying to abuse an old exploit with the script.
  5. No possible way it could've spammed unless you were trying to abuse an old exploit with the script.
  6. That is the sketchiest website I have ever seen, I would advise against downloading from there.
  7. Seems like a DirectX issue, try changing your dx level 1 - Right click Garry's Mod on Steam>Properties>Launch Options 2 - Put -dxlevel 80 into the box and hit ok 3 - Launch Game and type mat_dxlevel 80;host_writeconfig and try to join the server 4 - If that don't work repeat steps 2-3 replacing 80 with these numbers until it works. -dxlevel 81 mat_dxlevel 81;host_writeconfig -dxlevel 90 mat_dxlevel 90;host_writeconfig -dxlevel 95 mat_dxlevel 95;host_writeconfig -dxlevel 98 mat_dxlevel 98;host_writeconfig
  8. +1 would be good pick for the staff team.
  9. Edit: Changed to Neutral.
  10. Kumo


    the vote was like 60/40 which wasn't very convincing.
  11. The warns requirement is stupid tbh
  12. Kumo

    Gregs Ban Appeal

    +1 reformed even though he was an an alt account.
  13. If anyone were to fake a donation they get community banned, its simple.
  14. I hosted a build-off in the engineers to make a statue of cody and they built shit like this, I got in trouble for it btw.
  15. Support team member of the year but no Dev team member of the year Kappa jkjkjk dont get mad
  16. It is to no ones surprise that the quest system is going to get very bland and repetitive after the first few weeks of its release. So we are turning to the community to pitch your own ideas and possibly have quests made by you put on the server. Also some people want to suggest stuff so leave a reply using the following format: Quest Name - Quest Info/Instructions - Quest Reward - Quest Amount (how many actions required to complete this quest eg. pickup 5 hard drives) Quest suggestions that are good and possible to make will be added at our own discretion.
  17. make a pac animation with the proper dance if you want satisfaction.
  18. Kumo

    ULX U-TIme Issue

    try utime_enable 1
  19. all low settings so the server is playable.
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