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  1. Before I start, take note that what used to be called the "Quest" system has been renamed to the "Mission" system and will be referred to this way from now on (the system in the Imperial Logistics Centre).

    Quest System

    • You now complete quests under a variety of different category's for "Quest Points", you can use these quest points in the F8 menu to progress skills to benefit yourself.
    • There are 3 parts/quests to every category, giving 1,2 and 3 points in increasing order, this means each part gets harder and harder.
    • The F7 Menu will show all of your quests, the progress, the instructions, tips and the reward if you complete each quest.
    • Once you have completed all parts of all quests you can go to the Mission Vendor NPC, and Prestige your quest line, this gives you a big credit, point and quest point bonus.

    Have fun with the new quests and perks.


    P.S Shout out to long lost advisor Ridge and Axx for the idea a few months back.

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  2. NOTE:

    A lot of new content has been added and updated over the past few months, most of it is already well known however I have decided to make this post to clear some confusion

    Added Content

    • Event Mode
      • Event masters can turn on "event mode" which disables the disease system and a few other small changes.
    • Immersive Event Mode
      • Event masters can enable "Immersive Event Mode", when enabled players who have not shown their ID to you will show up as an "Unknown Player" and their regiments as "Unknown Group", it will show this in the scoreboard, in voice chat and on the HUD. This should allow for some very interesting events and prevent meta-gaming to a degree.
    • Event characters now longer show up in the TAB menu to hopefully prevent some meta gaming.
    • Event Master Blacklist Menu
      • Event masters now no longer need to keep a spreadsheet of who they have blacklisted from events as it can now be done in game. Accessable with !blacklist.
    • UNO Table
      • Play your friends in the family classic game UNO.
      • Still a work in progress and has a few bugs, feel free to report if you have found the exact cause for the bugs

    Updated Content

    • Staff Noclip now automatically gods, cloaks, noclips staff and toggles, removing the need for 2 binds.
    • Removed unused servers/space on the dedi, should be a bit smoother now.
    • Fixed disease system (yay!) and booking system.
    • Tasers have been changed to include a realistic taser effect.
    • Certain jobs appeared blank in the F2 menu (Bounty Hunters, Sith), will now show the proper job title for quality of life.

    Upcoming Content

    • Hit System
      • Bounty hunters will be able to receive and complete hits for credits.
    • Quest System Revamp
      • Will be revamped shortly to make it continuous and less of a grind, should be a bit more fun.
    • Proper Event System
      • Opt-in/Opt-out of events and be requested by event masters to help with events.
      • Event masters will have helpful tools to do mass commands on all people helping with the event.
    • Event Comms derma
      • Event masters will be able to send messages to comms and ecomms under different names through a derma, removes the need to change regiment and name.
    • Ship Control Tablet
      • SWEP for Navy that can access defcon, bookings, main hangar doors and hyperdrive among other things.
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  3. The fact you had 20-30+ warns and then were community banned as a result, were uncommunity banned on strict probation and then decided to mass rdm again is a bit iffy.

    Normally I'm pretty forgiving and believe in redemption etc but this is rather interesting.

    You were given countless chances and wasted all of them, so im just gonna sit with a Neutral until you can really convince that you won't waste another chance.

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