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  1. NOTE: A lot of new content has been added and updated over the past few months, most of it is already well known however I have decided to make this post to clear some confusion Added Content Event Mode Event masters can turn on "event mode" which disables the disease system and a few other small changes. Immersive Event Mode Event masters can enable "Immersive Event Mode", when enabled players who have not shown their ID to you will show up as an "Unknown Player" and their regiments as "Unknown Group", it will show this in the scoreboard, in voice chat
  2. Kumo

    Imperial Gaming Ad

    instead of using npcs use bots, freeze them, set their models, set their position and angles with a simple script https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Entity/SetPos https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Player/SetEyeAngles
  3. Ban is like 2-3 years old and we don't really have any reason not to unban you, you will be unbanned, however a eye will be kept on you. Accepted
  4. I am quite the minge as you can see here:
  5. Name: Kumo Regiment: Hunter Droids Phase 1 Participants: Kumo Substitute: Chopz Phase 2 Participant: Kumo Substitute: Chopz Phase 3 Participant: Kumo Substitute: Chopz Phase 5 Participant: Kumo Substitute: Chopz Phase 6 Participants: Kumo, Chopz Substitutes: N/A
  6. The fact you had 20-30+ warns and then were community banned as a result, were uncommunity banned on strict probation and then decided to mass rdm again is a bit iffy. Normally I'm pretty forgiving and believe in redemption etc but this is rather interesting. You were given countless chances and wasted all of them, so im just gonna sit with a Neutral until you can really convince that you won't waste another chance.
  7. if i were to comment this is a shitpost then its a fucking paradox
  8. The point weighting based on the eggs has been removed as it has proved rather pointless, it is now just purely whoever can find the most eggs.
  9. id be by myself if I went on clone wars this time of night.
  10. shutup idiot ur underage
  11. ur gay if you comment again lol (i win)
  12. Issue has arisen again, however it may be different so wait one for more information.
  13. I will join the Independent Grocers of Australia
  14. Kumo

    Poor Bailey, he tried

    That taliyah is really good, she must be hard carrying you guys.
  15. Wouldn't be hard at all, would just need someone to build the dupe.
  16. Out of my ~1000 hours of gmod swrp I can not recall a time where I have seen faces or formations used in combat.
  17. Home Schooling isn't considered university.
  18. your not allowed to ban people idiot
  19. Honestly this seems like a hardware error at this point, I would try reinstalling gmod or fucking around with your settings. Also see if you can play other games.
  20. Difference is this thing will literally run across the world to kill you if you see its face, and is indestructible.
  21. Put your console log into a pastebin before/after joining a server and paste it here.
  22. Its not a Bot it was a script and I just tested it then and it works fine, it will only show up if a person try's to manually send the net message.
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