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  1. Santos server was lagging to a point where I suspected it was net message spamming, so I kicked you as I believe you had a relatively mingy name, have a rival server known for being toxic as your main group and had only just joined, lag stopped instantly.  Any reason you are applying now, instead of when I banned you?

  2. Happy Halloween!

    Similar to last year we will be celebrating Halloween on the Imperial server with many little features to get everyone in the festive mood, there will be Halloween themed events and alterations to the server have already been made, making it more Halloween themed as seen here.

    Starting tonight and finishing Sunday afternoon (the staff meeting) of next week there will be a team-based competition ran with prizes to be won.

    There are 3 teams of which you can join by approaching and pressing E on the cauldron on the 3rd floor to the left of the arcade area. Once you join a team you may not change at all, so make your choice wisely. (Teams are balanced so not everyone can join 1 team). You earn points for your team by completing tasks and challenges which will be outlined below and the team with the most points on Sunday afternoon will be rewarded greatly. There may also be individual rewards for those who "carry" their teams so be on the lookout for that.


    Gaining Points

    Returning a spooky item to the Cauldron - 5 points

    Completing a Mission at the ILC - 1 point.

    Placing first, second or third in an event - 5, 3 and 1 points respectively. (Everyone in the regiment gets points towards their team)

    Winning the lottery - 100, 20, 5 points for jackpot, second and first tier respectively


    There will also be other unique challenges and tasks I will manually give to earn big heaps of points for your teams and also other ways added to get points over the next few days.

    Good luck to everyone and may the spookiest team win!

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  3. There was no chance you were going to be banned just for having EFG in your name unless your intent to minge was clear, I suggest editing your application and correcting it before the admin that banned you sees and shares the real story,

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