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  1. Locking this before it gets any more toxic, the past is in the past keep it that way.
  2. pog im 21st in australia, 31st in Oceania
  3. Happy Halloween! Similar to last year we will be celebrating Halloween on the Imperial server with many little features to get everyone in the festive mood, there will be Halloween themed events and alterations to the server have already been made, making it more Halloween themed as seen here. Starting tonight and finishing Sunday afternoon (the staff meeting) of next week there will be a team-based competition ran with prizes to be won. There are 3 teams of which you can join by approaching and pressing E on the cauldron on the 3rd floor to the left of the arcade area. Once you
  4. Updated to Community Ban You may no longer re-apply and are no longer welcome in the Imperial Gaming community for trying to bypass this ban. (https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:426624574&time=1571051146) (https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:518504215&time=1571051146)
  5. There was no chance you were going to be banned just for having EFG in your name unless your intent to minge was clear, I suggest editing your application and correcting it before the admin that banned you sees and shares the real story,
  6. Kumo


    should probs specify what curriculum its for if you're gonna do this as different states teach different things. (and year group)
  7. poke me in teamspeak when you are on and I will fix it with you.
  8. You should be unbanned now, if not then you are giving us the wrong steamid.
  9. Link to your ban appeal? You haven't posted anything on the forums besides this post.
  10. i will miss you funyguy1 ;(
  11. Timer could be based on amount of players, amount of event characters, medics online etc.
  12. That would defeat the purpose of the wipe?
  13. Not sure what reason you have to get angry/mad over it being reset especially when new stuff is added, gives you something to work towards instead of having all progress done for the rest of the servers life
  14. could write a script forcing everyone to salute if this is really wanted
  15. ban evading on colossal, kept changing my name to random stuff every alt account and I randomly thought of Kumo and haven't changed it since
  16. steam could just make it so mobile authenticator code changes on login, easy fix.
  17. idk why anyone would ever trust a sketchy link sent to them by some random and then proceed to type their steam details and mobile authenticator into this random website.
  18. Laughing quest will be removed and quests that only certain regiments can get will be removed as well, and substituted for quests everyone can do.
  19. Oh and like any new system there will be bugs and errors so please report them
  20. Before I start, take note that what used to be called the "Quest" system has been renamed to the "Mission" system and will be referred to this way from now on (the system in the Imperial Logistics Centre). Quest System You now complete quests under a variety of different category's for "Quest Points", you can use these quest points in the F8 menu to progress skills to benefit yourself. There are 3 parts/quests to every category, giving 1,2 and 3 points in increasing order, this means each part gets harder and harder. The F7 Menu will show all of your quests, the progress
  21. i love free stuff
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