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  1. Bruh why you guys always complaining when you have no idea what you're talking about. The event kills quest literally went from 15/20/35 to 3/5/10 and there is already a quest to participate in 3/5/10 events as well, balancing it out. Aswell as the NPC Kills, they shouldn't be a problem, they're easy to kill and hundreds are spawned each npc event, the quest system isn't supposed to be easy to prestige, you are supposed to have to grind for it.

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  2. The Staff Structure for Imperial Gaming will be kept up to date here to make communication easier and so you know who to go to, this is also seen as the chain of command so please contact the appropriate staff members or you may be ignored completely.


    Last Updated (27/04/2020)

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  3. Not a very big announcement seeing as I'm sure most of you saw this coming but we will be releasing an Imperial Gaming Minecraft server due to many requests from the community.

    We have decided as the best way to make everyone happy the server will be a Communal Semi-PvP server, and we also tried to keep it as close to vanilla minecraft as possible, with only the required plugins for administration and running a server. To join simply reply to this post your minecraft name for white listing (prevents people coming on alt accounts, and other forms of trolling/griefing) or message me on teamspeak your minecraft name. I hope you enjoy, and please read the rules when you join the game or risk punishment.


    Thanks to @HenDoge, @Guskywalker, @|Stryker|, @Naryas, @Ragetank, @Jman1308, for helping with building, testing and bug reporting. 

    Side Note - this is completely irrelevant to the clone wars post, this will not prevent or affect the clone wars server from coming back or not.

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  4. Common sense rules apply, people who clearly exploit for egg spawns or abuse their in-game/staff role to block areas that eggs may spawn to reap the rewards will be punished. Egg spawns do not need to be changed, there is about 350 spawns and the spawns only reset when the amount of spawns left falls below 100. There is also a chance they do not spawn which decreases everytime they fail to spawn. And as Mauler said this is no excuse to neglect your in game duties or refrain from roleplay, it is simply an event to celebrate the Easter festivities.

  5. NOTE: I have given hypo permission to post this appeal due to him helping out the past few months with development related issues.

    I will also be placing a +1 on this appeal, whilst his actions in the past are essentially unforgivable and have caused hours of inability to play on the server I am a true believer that everyone can change, and through hypo helping in places throughout the server in terms of development I have seen this first-hand with him. I believe he should be given another chance on strict probation due to his willingness to reform.

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  6. The lag problem should be fixed now I was messing around with networking cvars to see if the server could be more optimised, I've reverted them back to normal now.  As for the less content and permaprops, im sure 90% of the dev team agree with this, the amount of the content of the server is ridiculous and unneeded. Although, it isn't our decision or position to change these, we simply implement and add the content, the server managers and community manager are the people who you would want to speak to in terms of that.

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  7. I have gone ahead and removed a handful of comments with useless bickering or misinformation, this isn't a censorship I am just clearing the thread to make the thread easier to assess/come to a solution.

    For comments from now on please note that this is not a staff report on Bailey, this report is being placed against Wingza so please keep it relevant to Wingza's actions only and feel free to make one seperate on Bailey if you believe his actions were in serious violation of the staff guidelines.

    To clarify with the misinformation of what I was talking about, Bailey gave himself the cloak, not wingza and Bailey modelled himself, not wingza. Hopefully that clears some things up.

    Thank you.

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