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  1. What is your Steam display name?

    [IG] Kumo

    What is your current in-game rank and regiment?

    Junior Engineer Kumo

    How much time have you spent on the server?

    4 weeks 6 days

    How active are you in-game and on the forums?

    I am extremely active when I try, being on for most of the night after school and almost all day on weekends, currently I have been inactive due to computer problems however they have been resolved and I will become active again.

    Do you have any kicks, warnings or bans?

    I have 1 warning from a while ago in which I cannot remember exactly what happened, however that was probably when I wasn't apart of the community and came on here to minge (which I regret)

    My 2nd warning was disrespecting a staff member in which I deeply regret, I didn't mean it to offend the person and after apologised and regretted my action. I have learnt to think before saying things after this situation.


    What do you know about Military High Command?

     I know and understand that MHC are the ones who keep the Military structure and those who fall under their jurisdiction organised. If the military lacked the MHC it would fall to pieces, regiments would be disorganised and without properly trained leaders, recruits wouldn't be getting trained and the campaigns/missions we venture on would end in disaster. They are the back bone of the Military side of the empire and are a required aspect to keep order within the regiments.

    Have you been the commanding officer or acting commanding officer of a regiment or organisation previously?

     I was Chief Foreman of the engineers for over a month which gave me that leading experience.

    In your opinion/experience, what is a MHC Secretary and what do they do?

    The Secretaries of MHC are the ground of the organisation they take a lot of the heat off the generals which includes but is not limited to:

    - Marking and performing leadership tests

    - Ensuring that the recruits are getting trained and places are being properly guarded.

    - Other types of paperwork like regimental hangar bookings, appointments and writing up and preparing meeting documents.

    How will being a part of Military High Command benefit us and you?

    Military High Command would be benefited by having another hard working secretary that does their job, it would take some work off the other secretary's and improve everyone role play experience. I will be benefited by helping my one aim on the server, to make sure the experience for players thrives and make sure everyone gets the help they need.



    How good are you at typing?

     I have a lot of experience in using a keyboard and I am a person who is very precise and fast.

    Do you know how to work a Google Sheets spreadsheet?

     I use spreadsheets and doc's daily and know how to effectively use one.

    What previous experience have you had in an administrative role such as or similar to a secretary?

    The only experience I have in such a role was in navy, I was in it for roughly 2-3 weeks and made many documents whilst in it.

    How much do you pay attention to the in-game chat window?: I am always keeping my eyes open and looking at new messages.

    How serious of a roleplayer are you?

    When I want and need to be, I can be a very serious one. I have a lot of experience in SeriousRP as I used to play hl2rp (the clockwork one) and if I am determined like I would be for this role I would roleplay to the best of my ability.


    Do you understand/accept that, as a MHC Secretary, you will be undertaking mainly a administrative role and not a combat role?

     I completely understand that I am not applying for a combat role.

    Do you understand/accept that, as a MHC Secretary, you may not talk about private MHC affairs with any other unauthorised person or organisation?

    I acknowledge that I may not discuss any MHC affairs and for good reason, to prevent any sensitive information getting leaked into the wrong hands.

    Do you understand/accept that, as a MHC Secretary, you will undertake the responsibilities of (to some regard) running the Star Destroyer and Imperial Military and bear the consequences of any failures?

    I completely understand.


    Signed: Kumo

  2. On 12/4/2017 at 4:16 PM, Emerald said:

    Go to Task Manager > Click on "Details" > Find Garry's Mod (HL2) > Click on "Priorities" > Set to High > Restart Garry's Mod.

    Don't restart garrysmod after doing that, that gets rid of the executable and takes the priority off of high.

  3. 5 hours ago, Twinkie said:

    @Foxhelped me with this exact issue. This is what he said.

    Delete ALL Addons.

    Do this by -

    This PC> Local Disk (C:) >Program Files> Steam> steamapps> common> Garrysmod> garrysmod> addons

    And deleting all GMA Files.

    Then goto your Bin and delete them all.

    Then goto the workshop, goto your subscriptions and one by one, delete your addons by spam clicking.

    Then, once all your addons are gone, go into Gmod and load it up, check if all your addons are gone, then restart garrys mod and load it up again, just to be safe.

    Then open a single player server and play it for a while. just mess around i dunno...

    then go and jump on IG. Everything should be an error. Thats good! Now play for like 5 min and log off and reinstall all IG's addons.

    If you cant get onto IG, contact an admin to set you to a Recruit while you are sending client info. Then load into the game.

    That method worked for me.

    I know its already been fixed n all but for future reference, you don't need to spam click unsubscribe and you can just hit unsubscribe all in the addons menu on gmod.

  4. 2 minutes ago, KIX said:

    Tomorrow we are optomising the cinema, we aim to reduce the prop count by 50%, however myself and puppy are proud of our project and so with all due respect we would like to work on it ourselves. The names themselves are not in the actual dupe. Thank You For your comment

    Few ideas then:

    Use a few long props for the seats (barron)

    Use 1 big prop for the roof instead of 10

    The floor is made up by an insane amount, you could decrease this by using bigger props.

  5. Good building but if you really wanted to help the server by putting this into the public you wouldn't want to put your name all over it (theoretically).

    First off its 200 props which is insane, I could make it in like 100-70 however you denied my permission because you want all the credit to your name, I personally don't see the point in posting this to the public if you don't want people using it or modifying it.

    If you really wanted to help the server by adding some content to it you would make it open-source, optimize it so people stop complaining about the lag and let staff and players freely use it if you aren't on.

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  6. 12 hours ago, Maffa146 said:

    This issue was occurring if you had Team Fortress 2 installed. There was a Workshop patch, however I don't know where it is. 

    2 hours ago, draKe said:

    I know what this is, un-install TF2. I had the same issue, you should be good after.


    Best of luck



    1 hour ago, pinejack said:

    He just said he doesn't have TF2 on his steam account or on his computer if you read is earlier posts.

    This was patched in the last gmod update (http://steamcommunity.com/games/garrysmod/announcements/detail/1461843851751450130)


  7. On 12/11/2017 at 7:20 AM, LePaul said:

    Those are some interesting and good ideas, Chef. As commander I would limit the rocket launchers or grenades still to SGT+ rank, maybe OC+ if SGTs abuse it. I also think that the explosives would be used in different circumstances to how the 31st would use them. Based off what JT do in Star Wars Rebels, their explosive kit is more anti-vehicle and anti-air as JT are mobile and can get into position to use them. In SWBF2, their rocket can be used for anti-personal but it's best used against vehicles, as you often miss infantry. 31st have more controlled explosions, blasting through doors, terrain and blowing up objectives(like facilities). There will be a clear use of explosives from JT if we were even given them, only to be used under certain circumstances, and other regiments that specialize in explosives will always have priority.

    Something I also forgot to touch on was how Jump Troopers are currently played, so I'll do that now. As a JT currently, you fly to a far location and start sniping with no real threat to yourself other than fall damage. If we could change the loadout to a more close range combat for JT, not adjusting health by any means, because we are incredibly mobile, I think it would be better for not just the JTs but also the event characters. I personally haven't come across JT as an event character but I know how hard it is for them to kill JT. Would also mean JT would have to stick closer to the action and stay with the majority of the Imperial forces instead of rolling out to a distance and sniping. 
    - Something to note of the side of this, changing the kit from long range sniping to short-mid range without changing health means JT are going to be more prone to death. It's a trade off we're willing to make.

    If this was ever implemented which is highly unlikely (the rpg's) martibo would make it colonel or high colonel+ maybe even commander+.

  8. On 07/11/2017 at 4:08 PM, tom12126 ? said:


    Good gamer, taught me a lot in engineers and made me the epic gamer I am today


    On 07/11/2017 at 7:45 PM, Ramirez said:

    +1, Can’t wait to see what you would create next


    On 08/11/2017 at 12:06 PM, Maffa146 said:

    Oh my,

    You have created some of my stuff, you are a hero. You have also helped me make binds.

    True hero.



    On 08/11/2017 at 12:42 PM, Jellal said:

    +1 Easily one of the best engineers.


    On 09/11/2017 at 9:31 AM, Hisoka said:


    Would do good with Tier 2, can't wait to see what you come up with next.


    37 minutes ago, Kendrick said:

    Agreed +1


    32 minutes ago, Crusade said:




    Thank you for all the feedback guys!

  9. -1

    I have no idea who you are and you clearly don't care much about the helping aspect and are just in it for the power.

    Listen to peoples criticism so you can approve if you reapply, don't blame it on other people and don't think everyone is giving you negative reputation because of maxine.

    Also please, please! Fix your spelling.

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