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  1. On 17/12/2017 at 10:29 PM, Jester said:

    Hmm. I'll keep on messing with it to see if I can find a fix. Kinda happy in a way to know I'm not the only one experiencing it.

    Tick affect children only and make the event parented to the animation or whatever, also have them in different groups

    @KIX @Excalibur @Jester

  2. 1 - You can already donate for custom regiments however not at the moment for the reasons chef stated.

    2 - Sub Batallions would rarely be added however exceptions could be made 

    3 - I do not like the idea of the packages at all, as martibo said it wouldn't work with our current job system and the chat tags would be aids.

    4 - Sith Lords will probably never come back.

  3. A few people have asked me how to make the pac3 pet droid and it is a lot simpler than you probably thought.

    STEP 1: Place a jiggle

    - I suggest putting a bit more strain on the jiggle so the droid moves a bit faster and you aren't waiting so long for it to catch up.

    Thats it, your droid is ready for use.

    STEP 2: Choose your desired droid model, it must be a droid as having a mini ragdoll person would be against the rules, also make the bone nothing so it attaches to the world.

    - The best content packs to find these are STAR WARS : Imperial Prop Pack and [UR] Starwars: The Old Republic Playermodels #2

    STEP 3: Scale it down and position it to where you want it, the best position is as close as possible on your left hand side, not too far behind so if you need to get through tight spaces the droid can too.

    STEP 4: If you are a staff I highly suggest putting a noclip event so the droid gets cloaked too and a owner alive event in the case you die so your droid disappears aswell.


    Droid Pastebin Template: https://pastebin.com/TKW3QvzU


    Pet Rules:

    - Only one droid per regiment, commanders decision on who gets it.


    images will be added soon

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  4. no, just no.

    First off, are we just going to give all like 20 trooper regiments that aren't shock, navy or pilots the storm trooper one?

    And then every single navy the same navy one, if they were customizable I would support this however for now, no.

  5. -1 Its hard enough to do events on one server let alone 2, especially if that server derived from Imperial Gaming (so I heard).

    Ontop of that, the events aren't very good, not really sure who you are but others above are deeming you a minge and you have made excuses for all of your warns instead of facing them.

  6. You might also want to set your weapon hold type to passive so you can walk around without it glitching through your body.

    Just make an animation and parent all your bones to it and set weapon hold type to passive, then reposition all your bones.

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