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  1. You'd probably have to make your own.
  2. Kumo

    Server Update!

    There's no point in that, and at this moment when you try to open it, nothing happens.
  3. Kumo

    Chat Command

    I like it as its better for passiverp.
  4. -1 on Event Server, It would completely separate the player base and not many people would be bothered joining a new server (like myself).
  5. Won't happen, too many exploits and too easy to abuse. Also the thing you said about the secretary, their model has a body group for that.
  6. Did you seriously just use the Harry Potter wand to make a swrp screenshot?
  7. Why can't you join give us some context, what errors are popping up? what addons do you have enabled? etc. etc.
  8. Open your console (~) and type cl_downloadfilter all Or go into options > other and select Allow all custom files from the server then hit Apply
  9. Bomb Squad was called EOD/Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Royal Storm Troopers could be Senate Guard (They defend the Supreme Chancellor) ISB would be better off as Republic Strategic Information Service Other then that it seems pretty good.
  10. Its all good until daffy starts screaming into his mic
  11. Kumo

    Fix Playermodels

    There are multiple player models in the server that have broken hitboxes, this results in multiple teamkills especially in firing lines and causes some problems. Current Models known to be broken: Scout Commandos Rancor Models (All except commander I believe) Cinder Squad Models Whether this is because the model is not on the server or not installed correctly or is just a bad model it would be great to see what the devs can do.
  12. Why do you 2 have to bump month old threads
  13. +1 Featured my opinion on the server
  14. Amazing. I think it however would be better if it were more realistic (The Shock Troopers at the start marching forward not even looking left or right for contacts etc.)
  15. Kumo

    Demi Ban Appeal

    To prove you did crash upload and provide an MDMP file which can be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod This gives no personal information just information about the crash and what caused it. (obviously find it to the corresponding date)
  16. You saying 100 players on a monday afternoon isn't a good playerbase for swrp?
  17. The lag this would cause would be unimaginable.
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