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  1. Final post relevant to tournaments to figure out what the preferred times to host the tournament would be.

    Please respond ASAP to all times you will be available to play at by Friday, following this poll the dates and times for the tournaments will be released, as well as the teams participating and the format of each tournament, please contact me on Discord if you want to sign up late and it may be considered.

  2. I will be looking at hosting a variety of game night competitions next year with a wide range of rewards from in game server rewards like donation packages, credits, points and/or xp to out of game rewards such as teamspeak/discord tags or even gift cards if popularity is gained. Please vote on the attached poll - if you have any other game suggestions to be added please pm me or leave a comment. If not enough popularity is gained, these events will not be ran; therefore please vote on the games you would like to see if you want the tournaments to be ran. 

    Poll will close on the 4th of January 2021.

    Thanks @Higashi for inspiring this

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  3. Happy holidays to all

    For this Christmas the annual event is centred around the act of giving gifts.

    Starting tomorrow you may give gifts to anyone who has played the server before, in the gifts you may include a wholesome message (keep it wholesome and under 200 characters, these will be monitored and all rules apply), credits, points and a point shop item. Note that you do not have to gift anything and may just leave the person a kind message.

    These gifts may be opened on the 25th of December so start giving gifts fast!


    !gift or /gift - open gifting menu

    !opengifts or /opengifts - open your gifts (December 25th)

    Once again happy holidays, maybe you will see some Christmas presents spawning if Santa comes early.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Dane said:

    1. Every medical item is in the #2 equip slot

    This is a really basic problem but is incredibly irritating. A medics primary task is healing. The hardest part of the healing should not be cycling through the 2 slot 15 times in combat in order to get bacta/stim or whatnot. There are free equipment slots in the loadout. Put some of the healing stuff on the other slots. Especially the combat healing stuff.

    2. Defibs

    I'll talk more about defibs later. But at the very least the UI needs to be reworked so that its actually obvious when they are charged. The difficulty in being a medic shouldn't come from the UI.

    3. Stim/bacta nades/extra hp

    Currently bacta nades reset any temp hp whether that be event characters or stims. This was an issue in 2017 that was solved in 2018..... Very unsure why its an issue again. Bacta nades are powerful and obviously shouldn't be getting spammed. However, the reason to not use them should not be that you're destimming everyone.

    1. I'll look into this later today as a quality of life improvement.

    2. I'll also look into this later today.

    3. Fixed

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  5. Happy Halloween!

    The same event we ran last year for Halloween will run this year, apologies for not making a new event but i've been busy with my final exams. The event will begin tonight and end on the 1st of November. You can find how the event works, what has changed from last year and any other information below.

    How it works

    It is a team-based competition consisting of three teams; Spooky Skeletons, Boo! Crew and last years victors, Scream Team. You can join a team by heading to the third floor cauldron and pressing E on it. You collect points in various ways (listed below) and the team with the most points by the 1st of November wins. Rewards are given in the following order (highest means better rewards)

    1. MVP of Winning Team
    2. MVP of Second Team
    3. Winning Team Players
    4. MVP of Third Team
    5. Second Team Players
    6. Third Team Players

    Yes you read that right, EVERYONE is rewarded for participating, so go ahead and join a team at the cauldron.


    • Lottery Wins (in order of Jackpot, Second tier, Third tier) | 100 points, 20 points, 5 points.
    • Event Placements (in order of First, Second Third) | 20 points, 10 points, 5 points
    • Playing as an Event Character (rewarded by EM) | 20 points
    • Completing a mission at IHC | 1 point
    • Returning an ingredient to the cauldron | 5 points (only spawn above 15 players)
    • Saying the secret word in chat (Halloween and IG related, only one person can redeem this reward. Side Note: Please do not chat spam trying to guess this word, have a few attempts every now and then or I will remove this reward) | 200 points
    • Many other ways such as trivia's and other manual events I will run across the course of the event, so be sure to be active and participating in everything!

    What's Changed

    This time around points will not be publicly displayed for the teams, this prevents what happened last time where the other 2 teams gave up because the gap was too high. It also builds a bit of suspense for when the winners are announced.

    Spawning of cauldron ingredients is handled differently

    Some other quality of life changes which I hope you will enjoy


    Remember to have fun and may the scariest team win!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Phobia said:

    Well the Quest line should be Tedious that's the point for you to work and work and you get rewarded for that work its not supposed to be something you can complete in a day or two it should be hard/time Consuming. 

    What phobia said basically, prestiging is supposed to be a challenge and should take days or weeks of grinding, I already decreased it a few months ago by ~100 npcs in total and so I feel no need to decrease it again.

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  7. Ok server is up server.imperialgaming.net:25565 - note that its not going to be fancy or moderated at all compared to the last server because I don't have the time to do so, this does not mean it will be complete anarchy however as I will still ban you for being a dickhead and griefing or w/e, it should also be noted that minimal resources are dedicated to it and if it starts to affect our other services I will just take it down so don't make any extremely laggy creations thanks.

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  8. Bruh why you guys always complaining when you have no idea what you're talking about. The event kills quest literally went from 15/20/35 to 3/5/10 and there is already a quest to participate in 3/5/10 events as well, balancing it out. Aswell as the NPC Kills, they shouldn't be a problem, they're easy to kill and hundreds are spawned each npc event, the quest system isn't supposed to be easy to prestige, you are supposed to have to grind for it.

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