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  1. Kumo

    Ban Appeal

    Your SteamID does not match the SteamID of the profile you provided, please fix this.
  2. Secret Word - Hint 3: One part of the word is a person (A hint will be given each day until the event ends)
  3. Secret Word - Hint 2: One part of the word is an edible object (A hint will be given each day until the event ends)
  4. 1. I'll look into this later today as a quality of life improvement. 2. I'll also look into this later today. 3. Fixed
  5. just in chat with nothing else other than your guess
  6. Secret Word - Hint 1: The word is not in the dictionary, it is two words combined (A hint will be given each day until the event ends)
  7. You pick them up and throw them in the cauldron and your team gets points
  8. Happy Halloween! The same event we ran last year for Halloween will run this year, apologies for not making a new event but i've been busy with my final exams. The event will begin tonight and end on the 1st of November. You can find how the event works, what has changed from last year and any other information below. How it works It is a team-based competition consisting of three teams; Spooky Skeletons, Boo! Crew and last years victors, Scream Team. You can join a team by heading to the third floor cauldron and pressing E on it. You collect points in various ways (listed below
  9. Theres literally only been one reset and it was 5 months ago, idk what you're on about.
  10. There is already enough procedures in places in relation to tools, the system ain't broke right now so why fix it just send admins a message and you'll get given them, I'm sure they love giving them to you. Locked.
  11. Kumo

    NPC Kills

    What phobia said basically, prestiging is supposed to be a challenge and should take days or weeks of grinding, I already decreased it a few months ago by ~100 npcs in total and so I feel no need to decrease it again.
  12. Ok server is up server.imperialgaming.net:25565 - note that its not going to be fancy or moderated at all compared to the last server because I don't have the time to do so, this does not mean it will be complete anarchy however as I will still ban you for being a dickhead and griefing or w/e, it should also be noted that minimal resources are dedicated to it and if it starts to affect our other services I will just take it down so don't make any extremely laggy creations thanks.
  13. Bruh why you guys always complaining when you have no idea what you're talking about. The event kills quest literally went from 15/20/35 to 3/5/10 and there is already a quest to participate in 3/5/10 events as well, balancing it out. Aswell as the NPC Kills, they shouldn't be a problem, they're easy to kill and hundreds are spawned each npc event, the quest system isn't supposed to be easy to prestige, you are supposed to have to grind for it.
  14. As most of the community already knows, we recently purchased a new dedicated server to host our game servers off of, whilst we sacrificed a bit of clock speed on the CPU for a lot more RAM, a newer generation processor and more storage space, aswell as a more trusted hosting provider, you have probably wondered why it has taken so long to transfer over. We simply aimed to make the transfer experience from the old dedicated server to the newer dedicated server as optimal as possible with many changes to improve your experience on the server. Please see all changes below, we hope you enjoy.
  15. The Staff Structure for Imperial Gaming will be kept up to date here to make communication easier and so you know who to go to, this is also seen as the chain of command so please contact the appropriate staff members or you may be ignored completely. Last Updated (27/04/2020)
  16. Kumo

    toxics ban appeal

    Denied You may re-appeal in 3 months when you actually care about the server and want to come back.
  17. +1 cool guy, would make a good moderator.
  18. Shouts out to @Guskywalker for being the first to actually enter and start the dragon fight, otherwise very well done boys.
  19. Not a very big announcement seeing as I'm sure most of you saw this coming but we will be releasing an Imperial Gaming Minecraft server due to many requests from the community. We have decided as the best way to make everyone happy the server will be a Communal Semi-PvP server, and we also tried to keep it as close to vanilla minecraft as possible, with only the required plugins for administration and running a server. To join simply reply to this post your minecraft name for white listing (prevents people coming on alt accounts, and other forms of trolling/griefing) or message me on team
  20. The server has never officially tried minecraft, if so it would've been very very early in IG
  21. Common sense rules apply, people who clearly exploit for egg spawns or abuse their in-game/staff role to block areas that eggs may spawn to reap the rewards will be punished. Egg spawns do not need to be changed, there is about 350 spawns and the spawns only reset when the amount of spawns left falls below 100. There is also a chance they do not spawn which decreases everytime they fail to spawn. And as Mauler said this is no excuse to neglect your in game duties or refrain from roleplay, it is simply an event to celebrate the Easter festivities.
  22. In an ever changing industry with server and maintenance prices increasing this is the reality of games nowadays.
  23. Before a month of hard work goes towards the expansion (here), the past few weeks the development team has been putting in hard work to keep the imperial server fresh and new with content for everyone to enjoy. Please all the new changes below. Content Added Microtransactions! After many, many requests from users we have decided to finally add more micro transactions into the donation store, please contact a staff member in game after purchasing to receive the product. Some of the micro transactions are listed below. (If they are not on the store right now they should be up l
  24. !fps does this for you fyi
  25. Kumo

    hypo's Unban Appeal

    NOTE: I have given hypo permission to post this appeal due to him helping out the past few months with development related issues. I will also be placing a +1 on this appeal, whilst his actions in the past are essentially unforgivable and have caused hours of inability to play on the server I am a true believer that everyone can change, and through hypo helping in places throughout the server in terms of development I have seen this first-hand with him. I believe he should be given another chance on strict probation due to his willingness to reform.
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