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  1. Bruh why you guys always complaining when you have no idea what you're talking about. The event kills quest literally went from 15/20/35 to 3/5/10 and there is already a quest to participate in 3/5/10 events as well, balancing it out. Aswell as the NPC Kills, they shouldn't be a problem, they're easy to kill and hundreds are spawned each npc event, the quest system isn't supposed to be easy to prestige, you are supposed to have to grind for it.
  2. As most of the community already knows, we recently purchased a new dedicated server to host our game servers off of, whilst we sacrificed a bit of clock speed on the CPU for a lot more RAM, a newer generation processor and more storage space, aswell as a more trusted hosting provider, you have probably wondered why it has taken so long to transfer over. We simply aimed to make the transfer experience from the old dedicated server to the newer dedicated server as optimal as possible with many changes to improve your experience on the server. Please see all changes below, we hope you enjoy. NOTE: With the move to the new dedicated server some of your spreadsheets may break depending on how you set them up, the new server ip is no longer This changelog will also be formatted differently compared to the usual (new/updated/removed) due to the nature of most of the changes. Changes New HUD Whilst many people liked the sci-fi feel of the current holo-hud and its customisable nature we have opted to introduce a new HUD which will ideally be as minimal as possible, increase performance (a LOT) and be mainstreamed (most people should like it). Big thank you to @Auzii and the Graphics Team for the unique icons that accompany the hud. Quest System Changes Its been a nice run with the quest system, as of server release the Quest System will be wiped. Skills are now broken down into 3 branches (Combat, Profit, Utility) - these branches have skills according to their category Some quests have been altered to make easier/harder or changed to effectively balance quest completion - find out these in games Credit Changes An Armoury NPC is now available in the ILC - you may spend your credits to buy a weapon This consists of a large payment (to buy the weapon), you then need to deploy the weapon by paying a smaller fee per life. Food System Hunger and Thirst have been added, whilst you do take damage when you hit 0 food/thirst it takes a VERY long time, and therefore will not interfere extremely with your experience Food NPC and entities will be added to increase mess hall RP - some foods replenish more hunger/thirst and some may give special effects in the future. Ammunition Crate You may now purchase ammunition from the crates in the ILC, heavy's may now also drop ammo boxes New Disease System The old disease system was made a long time ago and was one of my first scripts ever made, hence why it was subpar to the quality we wanted. We have implemented and heavily adjusted the Zero's GenLab medical system. It is much more realistic, with little performance impact and should increase roleplay throughout the server thoroughly. (https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-genlab-disease-script for more information) Economy We are trying our best to establish an economy that is as real to life as possible, as well as enjoyable to experience. This links to the Credit Changes previously mentioned Salary has been added - You will now receive paychecks based on your clearance for serving the empire (a passive way to gain credits) We have lots in plan for the near future to further this economy system, which mirror real world economies MySQL Gamemode Backend change to how data storing is done, now being stored externally on a MySQL server, this way we can develop applications in the future to interact with in-game data such as Regiments/Ranks/UTime etc. Keycard Improvements The way keycards are done on the backend is greatly improved, this may have a significant performance improvement The new way this is achieved also adds versatility, including custom keycards and are very easy to change. Pilot Licenses The out of date Pilot License menu has been updated to be modular, allowing for pilot licenses to be added on top of each other, rather than listing every possible combination on the menu. There has also been some slight changes to optimize performance based on this system Precaching Precaching has been removed and now only occurs on server startup, whilst this may increase server startup times by a minute or two, we believe this is a lot better for the server than interrupting roleplay for 30 minutes. Some other changes have also been made to stop Precaching from occuring on map changes when it is not needed Pointshop Sell Dialog Self-explanatory to stop people from "accidentally selling" their items, there is now a prompt to double check you want to sell the item. There will now be no leeway if you accidentally sell your item, we will not return it to you. Net Message Handler (EXPERIMENTAL) Should stop most net-based lag exploits, however this is heavily untested PAC3 PAC3 has been updated to the latest version, this should fix many bugs aswell as allow for many new features, we hope you enjoy pac users. TFA Changes Updated TFA reworked weapons (resolving missing models) Fixed TFA grenades Changes to the backend to ideally increase performance (a lot) Other Changes Here you will find a list of other changes which don't really justify their own category Useless/unused content removed from content pack and server Fixed dropships causing weird behaviour when passengers/pilots would exit Updated Thermal FLIR PermaProps optimized - you may notice many perma props have been deleted, we have done this unbiasly to all regiments and areas around the ships to reduce loading and lag. This should not compromise roleplay at all. !swap models updated, more regiments should have models available to them. Implementation of different Ammo Types New Jumptrooper models and Jetpack Swep Coming Soon Ideally, we would've implemented all of the features that will be mentioned below before we released the server however, our development team clearly is not big enough and therefore it would've delayed release even further, which we do not want to do. Here is a list of soon to come changes (over the next few weeks) Heavy/Support Functionality Rather than having a completely seperate rank in the regiment (requiring ranks to be stored in the players name) heavy and support will be handled differently, allowing for people to properly hold ranks, as well as be a heavy/support Mission System Overhaul We aim to overhaul and fix the mission system to ensure it matches with the economy changes we have implemented this change log, aswell as fix any broken missions (I know there is a lot) and ideally revamp and breath life back into the system. Bug Report Review We have heard your bug reports and we greatly appreciate you sending these in, they are unfortunately were not our priority and therefore we haven't gotten around to the non-vital ones. They will be adhered to shortly Find Server Bottlenecks This will be a long and tedious process to find specifically what addons tax the server the most on startup, we unfortunately did not have the time to do this during the development stage. Mass-Optimization Lots of backend stuff needs to be done, including removal of thousands of lines of code and optimising thousands of lines of code in order to make the server playable, we assure you we are trying our best, and we promise you will see a noticeable improvement of server performance throughout the next few months. Finally, I would like to thank @Ragetank, @|Stryker| and the rest of the Development Team who assisted with this project aswell as @Auzii, @Atlas and the rest of the Graphics Team. None of this would of been possible without you all. Thank you for reading, have fun.
  3. The Staff Structure for Imperial Gaming will be kept up to date here to make communication easier and so you know who to go to, this is also seen as the chain of command so please contact the appropriate staff members or you may be ignored completely. Last Updated (27/04/2020)
  4. Kumo

    toxics ban appeal

    Denied You may re-appeal in 3 months when you actually care about the server and want to come back.
  5. +1 cool guy, would make a good moderator.
  6. Shouts out to @Guskywalker for being the first to actually enter and start the dragon fight, otherwise very well done boys.
  7. Not a very big announcement seeing as I'm sure most of you saw this coming but we will be releasing an Imperial Gaming Minecraft server due to many requests from the community. We have decided as the best way to make everyone happy the server will be a Communal Semi-PvP server, and we also tried to keep it as close to vanilla minecraft as possible, with only the required plugins for administration and running a server. To join simply reply to this post your minecraft name for white listing (prevents people coming on alt accounts, and other forms of trolling/griefing) or message me on teamspeak your minecraft name. I hope you enjoy, and please read the rules when you join the game or risk punishment. IP: Thanks to @HenDoge, @Guskywalker, @|Stryker|, @Naryas, @Ragetank, @Jman1308, for helping with building, testing and bug reporting. Side Note - this is completely irrelevant to the clone wars post, this will not prevent or affect the clone wars server from coming back or not.
  8. The server has never officially tried minecraft, if so it would've been very very early in IG
  9. Common sense rules apply, people who clearly exploit for egg spawns or abuse their in-game/staff role to block areas that eggs may spawn to reap the rewards will be punished. Egg spawns do not need to be changed, there is about 350 spawns and the spawns only reset when the amount of spawns left falls below 100. There is also a chance they do not spawn which decreases everytime they fail to spawn. And as Mauler said this is no excuse to neglect your in game duties or refrain from roleplay, it is simply an event to celebrate the Easter festivities.
  10. In an ever changing industry with server and maintenance prices increasing this is the reality of games nowadays.
  11. Before a month of hard work goes towards the expansion (here), the past few weeks the development team has been putting in hard work to keep the imperial server fresh and new with content for everyone to enjoy. Please all the new changes below. Content Added Microtransactions! After many, many requests from users we have decided to finally add more micro transactions into the donation store, please contact a staff member in game after purchasing to receive the product. Some of the micro transactions are listed below. (If they are not on the store right now they should be up later today) Credits may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 500 credits Points may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 1000 points You may buy permanent guns that will stick to your character regardless of your role including Cycler Rifle - $40 RPS-6 - $50 Star Wars Laser - $100 Permanent Health Boosts (stackable 5 times up to 500 extra health) 50 HP - $5 100 HP - $10 250 HP - $25 Mission Skips Skip any mission completely for $10 per mission (whole mission not just level) Promotions - you must complete the required test to be promoted after purchasing, you will not be refunded for failing. CL-1 > CL-2 - $10 CL-2 > CL-3 - $25 CL-3 > CL-4 - $40 CL-4 > CL-5 - $80 CL-5 > CL-6 - $120 CL-6 > ALL ACCESS - $200 and Management Decision Speech Bubble When someone is typing a speech bubble should appear above their head, this is for those people without microphones as it can be hard to tell when people are typing Content Updated/Changed Precaching We have heard your words about precache instability and so the following changes will be made in hopes of reducing the load on the server Precache time will be extended to 1 hour Each precache will occur every 5 seconds Balance Changes We have been working closely with the balance team in order to refine the combat aspect of the server to ensure that events are fair for all. ID-10 Dio Base Health increased from 200 to 400 to reflect his armour capabilities Added Bacta Grenade to reflect his already-existent bacta injector Added the new "Droid Minigun" which has roughly 600 RPM I believe with 20 damage per bullet. Area Access clearance changed to All Access as he is a surveillance droid Scatter Shotgun The scatter shotgun will be buffed to 75 damage as it is rather underpowered Sith Lightsaber Damage from 25 to 100 to reflect a real lightsaber Force Leap can now noclip you through walls when stood directly next to them Force Heal now heals roughly 10x the original healing, and may be used in combat. Event Characters All event characters regardless of the event masters event will receive 200 armour to compensate for the mass amount of troopers, this should give them more of a fighting chance and smooth events out a lot. Default event model changed from ST to Palpatine Mission Progress After many months of testing the experimental system of missions, the mission system will be wiped tomorrow. Good job to everyone who prestiged this time around Mission Completion is made roughly 5-10x harder to make prestiging a privilege In line with the Microtransaction update you must pay $25 to prestige Content Removed Climb Swep After a long discussion with all of management we have decided to finally remove climb swep, it is clearly a break of role play and has no use on the server Recruits Recruitment slows down the process and roughly 70% of all players joined are still recruit as they never finish training due to boredom, for this reason players will join straight into the 6th Army Brigade, and more regular training within the regiment will be done Crashes Thanks to player and community feedback we've decided to remove crashes completely from our servers in an effort to increase player satisfaction and immersion. This feature wasn't working as intended, its sad to see it go but its for the better. This will also be the first collaborative changelog in light of the new changes, feel free to comment any thoughts or suggestions below
  12. !fps does this for you fyi
  13. Kumo

    hypo's Unban Appeal

    NOTE: I have given hypo permission to post this appeal due to him helping out the past few months with development related issues. I will also be placing a +1 on this appeal, whilst his actions in the past are essentially unforgivable and have caused hours of inability to play on the server I am a true believer that everyone can change, and through hypo helping in places throughout the server in terms of development I have seen this first-hand with him. I believe he should be given another chance on strict probation due to his willingness to reform.
  14. The lag problem should be fixed now I was messing around with networking cvars to see if the server could be more optimised, I've reverted them back to normal now. As for the less content and permaprops, im sure 90% of the dev team agree with this, the amount of the content of the server is ridiculous and unneeded. Although, it isn't our decision or position to change these, we simply implement and add the content, the server managers and community manager are the people who you would want to speak to in terms of that.
  15. Will just make a script that stops people from spamming the elevator buttons or pressing them when they're in movement - simple.
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