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  1. He isn't even that bad +1
  2. Tournament Information found below. NOTE: It is not too late for you to sign-up/play as some games still need more players for them to be enjoyable, please let me know if you would like to play, either on discord or through a forum message Tournament Rules (All Games) In team games that require a certain amount of players, if your team does not have enough players, you will be autofilled with an Unassigned person. If an Unassigned person can not be found for you, you will have 30 minutes to find a substitute/replacement or you will forfeit that game. If you have any personal pr
  3. Final post relevant to tournaments to figure out what the preferred times to host the tournament would be. Please respond ASAP to all times you will be available to play at by Friday, following this poll the dates and times for the tournaments will be released, as well as the teams participating and the format of each tournament, please contact me on Discord if you want to sign up late and it may be considered.
  4. Should be fixed and it should also show how many bonus points you will receive due to the perk; it was still using the old skill menu stuff so its been broken for like over half a year.
  5. Follow the following link in order to sign up for the tournaments held over the next few months Participants must signed up or you will not be allowed to participate in the tournaments. Sign-Ups close on 18th January so get in fast - First in gets to play if space runs out. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS OF EACH ANSWER BEFORE SUBMITTING Sign up form: https://forms.gle/vtThyLmYLx1arwgf7
  6. This will be the case, some of the tournaments will be solos (among us - if it is ran) and some will be duos/groups
  7. I will be looking at hosting a variety of game night competitions next year with a wide range of rewards from in game server rewards like donation packages, credits, points and/or xp to out of game rewards such as teamspeak/discord tags or even gift cards if popularity is gained. Please vote on the attached poll - if you have any other game suggestions to be added please pm me or leave a comment. If not enough popularity is gained, these events will not be ran; therefore please vote on the games you would like to see if you want the tournaments to be ran. Poll will close on the 4th of Ja
  8. As a reward for wholesomeness, giving gifts will now reward you with a random assortment of xp, credits and points
  9. Oh yea and if you wanted to give a donation item just donate for it and message me as I’ll have to do it manually
  10. Happy holidays to all For this Christmas the annual event is centred around the act of giving gifts. Starting tomorrow you may give gifts to anyone who has played the server before, in the gifts you may include a wholesome message (keep it wholesome and under 200 characters, these will be monitored and all rules apply), credits, points and a point shop item. Note that you do not have to gift anything and may just leave the person a kind message. These gifts may be opened on the 25th of December so start giving gifts fast! Commands: !gift or /gift - open gifting menu
  11. being in western australia, where nothing changed
  12. Kumo

    Ban Appeal

    Your SteamID does not match the SteamID of the profile you provided, please fix this.
  13. Secret Word - Hint 3: One part of the word is a person (A hint will be given each day until the event ends)
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