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  1. I miss old times with you, mate.
  2. I believe he is trying to get clarification and set rules, so that these situations do not occur in future scenarios.
  3. I doubt many of you will remember me, or like me. Imperial Gaming has been a blast since I first joined, in early 2017. I took a break, 8 months. (I'm sure you know why.) (I'll come in-game every now and then, and I'll still be active on the forums.) But, I'm making this post so in future, I can look back at it and it will give me some form of reminiscing memories. For those who do remember me, thank you for everything, like being yourself. Goodbye, Sentry.
  4. @WildJimmy I made this ages ago, I've also found alternate methods, however, I no longer play. So all you're doing is helping the community.
  5. My first screenshot sadly, Imposing was telling me to remember the SK codes so i screen shotted them. I have tons of memories before Rishimoon, sadly I don’t have any screenshots of them.
  6. I remember you back on permanent Rishimoon as a DT, I hope you remember me aha, if you still decide to keep this application up, It's a +1 from me.
  7. +1 Sorry Renolds! I thought I 1'd you. Obvious +1, great guy, you've only showed me respect, loyalty and kindness. You impress me every time when leading SC which definitely helps me out with learning from your current skills, and giving me time to focus on other stuff.
  8. I didn't agree with his post, I like the idea and it's quite cool and could be useful in such short ways, but as you just stated, it could be abused so much.
  9. I like this idea, as for the sake of not bothering staff to make their life easier, but it is their job to give out tools and what not. I don't believe using tools for RP is the right idea. I like it in the sense that maybe a Colonel+ has tools and can easily start training / tryouts, it would make it easier for staff, but also not as they'd have a lot more to monitor.
  10. I'm going to show you how to make a PAC3 where when you hold out a specific weapon, it plays a certain animation when you do something specific. For today, I'm going to make it so when I hold out my DualDCs and run, it will play a run animation, and for no other weapon. Create a group Create an event Go down to the generic tab at the bottom, find event and click the 3 dots (...) to open up a popup menu. In this menu, type has weapon. Now you want to go down to find, and type in your desired weapon. For me it would be tfa_sw_dc17dual Now right c
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