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  1. A bloody legend of a man with good ideas and a serious composure in all situations required +1
  2. Group photo with everyone in Christmas Hats
  3. Absolute +1 I feel like the most important part here is the Player Health, with too much health you start feeling too powerful and in EVERY event I've seen that involves shooting a singular hostile there's been a multitude of people rushing towards the enemy and getting between the fire of troopers standing back and the EC themselves which is where a lot of friendly fire comes from. With Lower health for the players it does feel like there's an urgency to making sure you're applying cover along with tactics. I mean i could go on about how an oversupply of High Rankings along with too much
  4. Yeah not bad mate, just been focusing on not failing VCE, playing footy all that good stuff. Thinking of coming back on IG. Heard you left earlier this year along with a bunch of others
  5. Oh damn yeah, barely remember that, right before Gusky took over aye?
  6. Oo idk about the first 20 days, joined early December of 2016 i reckon, dunno how OG that is
  7. Maxine Man it's exactlly who you think it is
  8. Back to Celebrate the good ole times, whats a good story from your time on the server?
  9. Oh no, please come back soon. We had some gud memories
  10. I mean, SO are just St's in dress's, so IDK about this, if we're following lore then they shouldn't but for the sake of SO sure
  11. Except this time ISB and Dt don't get framed for it
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