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  1. yeegunyeezie

    Proper Farewell

    Oh no, please come back soon. We had some gud memories
  2. yeegunyeezie

    Ice/Freeze Gun for SO

    I mean, SO are just St's in dress's, so IDK about this, if we're following lore then they shouldn't but for the sake of SO sure
  3. yeegunyeezie

    Trooper Fun Time!!!!

    Except this time ISB and Dt don't get framed for it
  4. yeegunyeezie

    Appo's Event Master Application

    Damn Appo you sure took your time to apply XD. Jokes aside. Ever since you have joined ISB, you have done nothing but find ways to RP (Even though you get locked up sometimes while doing so). You've actually made events that were actually quite enjoyable even though you weren't an Event Master. Your Knowledge of Lore is unquestionable. Your RP is Great. And right now reading your event/s, it's a lot different from most other events, unlike the ones now it's a lot more practical, there are more things the troops have to take into account, there's more action, more roles for each trooper to play, scouts (or some other reg) gets to transfer messages, Navy and ISB get to give out orders without having a spam in comms, each regiment are tasked to do one specific thing, basically it's not just every single regiment rush in, kill whoever you see, get out, woohoo mission done. Each regiment gets to use their own skill and role to do what their Regiment was made to do instead of feeling like just normal ST's which is what I think is missing in the events nowadays. There is nothing in the world I would like to see more than you becoming event master and seeing what other creative events you will be making in the future. It's a phat +1 from me. I can't recommend Appo enough
  5. Sounds Cool 1. What's your YouTube Channel? 2. I'll start getting onto recording some sweet clips for you 3. For everybody else that wants to record clips use plays.tv because it records footage from the game you're playing as soon as you open it
  6. yeegunyeezie

    Mafia Mod

    Is there like a way for me to apply for Mod in the Mafia game?
  7. yeegunyeezie

    Ridge's Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Great guy, great commander, build a wall
  8. yeegunyeezie

    Good Shock meme

    This video has been taken down, i posted this as something for the community to have a laugh at but it's turned into cyberbullying, congrats you cunts who did this
  9. yeegunyeezie

    Good Shock meme

    I hope you're not serious
  10. yeegunyeezie

    Good Shock meme

  11. yeegunyeezie

    Regimental posters

    Could ISB Be done plz
  12. Hello, I am Yeezie, Yeezie i am. ISB am i, Rank Agent you know? I have two phase, oh yes i do, meme and Serious RPer, is those two phases i have. I switch continuously, and get myself killed. That is ok, but i am also quite skilled. In all seriousness, my name is Yeezie, Imperial Gaming/Imperial RP is my first ever RP server i have EVER joined and i didn't quite get it at the start, i got the reputation of "Minge" for not knowing what i was doing even though nobody told me in person until like 3 months afterwards when i wasn't a minge no more (Thanks Pinejack i really appreciate it) but after a couple days on the server i started getting the hang of it and now look where i am, 2 weeks in, ISB Agent, equal rank of Captain, outranking some people i looked up to, serving closely to Krennic second and the Emporer First. Making friends with many people on the server. I could not have asked for a better (Or more toxic) community than this one. Thank you all.