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  1. @LimeStrider To answer your questions. On our finalization of the option selected there will be a chart which outlines the standard rank transfer from the old system to the new system (in some cases this may be different depending on peoples unique positions) along with updated capacities posted and other important details. We cannot proceed with any of the latter until we have finalized the general option we are going with. At the moment we are looking at making it so the Battalion CO will cap at "Colonel", the Base Regiment CO "Major" and the Squad/Company CO "Commander" whils
  2. How to Appropriately Address Others The basics on how to appropriately address another are simple and can be picked up quite easily, Rank followed by Name. But I am going to explain a few common practices that not everyone may be aware of. Imperial High Command is welcome to use any of theses materials for their own Officer Training Sessions. If you find this useful and would like me to make more of these in future, please inform me of such and I may consider it. Superior or Subordinate When coming up to a superior, typically unless you are directly referring to somebody
  3. "Your Tie Defender Program is at Risk @Rad_Cop. Orson Krennic has been quite persuasive about diverting the funding to his own Project, Stardust."
  4. Don't worry @Yuri. Just to confuse you some more I'm going to freeze this frame.
  5. One of the biggest issues in my eyes is that a lot of people when promoting somebody see they have been there the acceptable amount of time required and have not messed up and thus deserve a promotion. But promotions should not be about the amount of time you spend in the regiment or if you get along and are friendly in OOC. Promotions should be decided on merit, if the individual has done something in RP to warrant that promotion, if they have shown they are capable of progressing to the next rank and fulfill the responsibilities that some with it. For example back in the day when I ran
  6. Was happy to be a random dude in the corner @Kristofer. You did some epic work here.
  7. _ . . * (_) . . . . ____.--^. . /: / | + . . /: `--=--' . . . /: __[\==`-.___ * . /__|\ _~~~~~~ ~~--..__ . . \ \|::::|-----.....___|~--. . \ _\_~~~~~-----:|:::______//---...___ . [\ \ __ -- \ ~ \_ ~~~===------==-...____ [=
  8. I have updated the content pack with the new items you will need for the server, make sure you download them before connecting. Note there has also been several items removed as-well.
  9. It's been good, I'll see you around at the station, coppa.
  10. In what star wars universe would somebody jump down an elevator only to break their legs only be put out of commission for a week in the medical facility, just because they wanted to get somewhere faster? Or to climb up a flush wall with no way to hang onto anything and most likely have no training to do so? The fact that this is seen as "decent role-play" on a serious RP server stuns me, maybe in intense situations it can be ignored such as when you have a squad of rebels right behind you and its your only escape option to jump but other than that it's pretty much fail-RP. Like during regular
  11. @Wombatiacus is mine, bugger off and find somebody else @SiegeMonkey.
  12. Farewell old friend, its been a long time since the good old beginning back in 2017. I hope you drop by every so often to catch up and so I can demolish you in some games. You've been a great staff member dedicated to this community and good friend, thank you and I wish you well in year twelve.
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