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  1. Storm marines poster would be great. ;^)
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ agreed but he is a mirror cause the map has lighting
  3. well CT's are clone era. storm troopers are STs
  4. those angles are too sexy for me. damn. i am sweating.
  5. FiveZ

    Firing range

    Medbay is too isolated. We can't abandon a feature the map gave to us. Old Medbay is being used for bunks for a worthy regiment. Also Talon didn't own the Old Medbay, they had bunks next to Nova.
  6. -1 Not Detailed Low Playtime Haven't Seen You Ever On The Server Didn't Explain Why You Want And Deserve PAC
  7. On the first day of the job he got to begin a execution. Grats @Barron
  8. Neutral Positives Mature Tolerable Good Enough Playtime Friendly Negatives Leaves A Regiment Usually Chosen As 1st In Command Sub-Active Good Luck On Getting T-Mod!
  9. FiveZ

    Hey All

    i am? that's an honour coming from the 1st person to get shitposter
  10. best commander? i think he should be called best colonel, lmao
  11. FiveZ

    Hey All

    bro i was the biggest meme of 212th
  12. FiveZ

    Hey All

    You worked your way up to lieutenant and get pk'd smh
  13. FiveZ

    Hey All

    Deadass, y u get pk'd
  14. would be neutral but this guy is right -1 you are still a cool guy
  15. FiveZ

    Hello There

    we get it. you are a shitposter and proud of it
  16. -1 Positives Attitude Has Changed Well Less Mingey Than The Past Negatives Being A Minge In The Past Out Weighs The Current Reputation Kinda Active The Time When He Was My Commander He Was Really Mingey, Disrecpectful & Hypocritical Regiment Hopper
  17. R E G I M E N T A L D I S R E S P E C T G E T R E A D Y T O G E T B A N N E D
  18. FiveZ

    Order 66 - Posing

    oh no.... still pretty good +1
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