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  1. FiveZ

    Even More Posing

    You asked for it.
  2. doesnt mean e-11d's have to be the primary. if you have an issue with the se-14c, find another pistol.
  3. can you put this discussion in the pm's?
  4. very hard to read. change letters to different colour.
  5. I see alot of things wrong
  6. FiveZ

    Even More Posing

    nug nug? dont you mean nudge nudge?
  7. -1 very disrespectful to me very mingey you just want to change your reputation by changing who your character are. Instead of trying to change regiments and changing your name, how about you act like the idol a commander of SC is supposed to be P.S i dont think you can regain your reputation no matter how much you change characters. your past is your past and you now is still yourself so fix yourself.
  8. FiveZ

    Even More Posing

    another gallery of gmod ragdoll posings. hope these are good. Talon Squad Trooper Aiming Gun At Mandalorian Emperor's Office General's Getting Drunk Secretaries Drunk At The Bar Sabre & Fyre Having A Drinking Competition (Bottle #11) Nova Having A Fun Time In Their Reserved Room Random ST Asking Secretaries For Their Numbers ST Gets Rejected By Chef & Is Sad Took Only An Hour of My Life To Make All of These. (P.S 200th Post)
  9. FiveZ

    Hey Guys!

    This guy had to come back Suna or later
  10. Postponed on different mountains? Don't you mean positioned? Postponed is a past tense for something being delayed. I don't want you to say at debrief for one of your events saying "I want all troopers who have cloaks to be postponed on separate mountains." Everyone would either think you are delaying the event, have troopers who have cloaks to not play the event for a bit or you seriously think postponed is the same thing as positioned.
  11. +1 Trustworthy guy Helped me come back into IG after my 9 month break Maturity at its peak Great 2IC
  12. FiveZ

    Chrissy T-Mod App

    Yeah people who remember you are all thinking the same way. Give it a month or 2.
  13. Neutral I think you have the capabilities of having an event that differs from the events you had of TSS.
  14. +1 trustworthy trustful worthy worth the while experienced mature relevant
  15. FiveZ

    Larry Pac3 Tier 1

    +1 has enough trust to use pac
  16. +1 Trustworthy Worthy Trustful #3 Meme #1 Loser #2 Shitposter
  17. can you do a poster similar to this picture i made?
  18. FiveZ

    Gmod Posing Attempt

    dont mind about the guy who is hanging in the first pic.
  19. FiveZ

    Gmod Posing Attempt

    you can tell in the title of the topic that these are my attempts at doing some ragdoll posing in Gmod. Storm Trooper Holding His Fallen Comrade After The Gorse Conflict. Imperial Commando Shooting Down Mandalorian Warrior. Storm Commando Being Executed By Dark Jedi. Commander Looking Out Window Waiting For Zombie To Attack Him Fallen Rancor Trooper In Trash Dump Surrounded By Other Dead Bodies. Sand Trooper Reaching Out To His Sun Burnt Comrade Whilst Crawling Through The Endless Deserts of Tatooine.
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