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  1. @Guskywalker you need to read this.
  2. agreed -1 (you are still a good guy and this is a well written app but this guy said it)
  3. -1 this is a joke application, this better be rejected as fast as possible.
  4. FiveZ

    Oh Hi

    there's like nearly 2000 steam group members
  5. FiveZ

    Oh Hi

    nah, they less than 1%
  6. FiveZ

    Oh Hi

    99% of the internet steals memes
  7. FiveZ

    Oh Hi

    "New Phone. Who Dis?" Just joking, but we are looking forward to having you and other new players to the community. Btw you have to watch your step when your playing around here.
  8. FiveZ

    Ban Appeal - Jellal

    he means only this time
  9. FiveZ


    @pinejack yeah that doesnt make any sense cause 2x more than earth's existance is about 473457142857 weeks
  10. FiveZ


    stevo dont need to call yourself out like that. everyone already knows about that.
  11. Its sad you left MHC/NT and have to change the playermodels of the pac you made
  12. FiveZ


    New Phone Who Dis?
  13. these are great man, continue making more
  14. +1 New Phone. Who Dis? this is a great idea for an event.
  15. i dont know if this is bragging, complaining or wanting to change, all of them should have you being grateful.
  16. 10/10 rp gave people some roleplay opportunities
  17. +1 Mature Trustworthy Trustful Worthy Nice Application
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