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    Ty's T-mod app

    LAST WORDS OF THE CONVERSATION you quoted the words "why did you say that", if you were going to say those words you should've only say those
  2. FiveZ

    Ty's T-mod app

    hold on, i said "why did you say that" when you said "i have played once or twice" i never talked about playing on the server but you start talking about why you had to kill the ISB and DT trooper
  3. FiveZ

    Ty's T-mod app

    why did you say that?????????????
  4. FiveZ

    Ty's T-mod app

    i meant ever since.......
  5. FiveZ

    Ty's T-mod app

    -1 since you got disbanded from S40 IC you have been a disrespectful player, so you shouldn't have posted this for a while
  6. +1 i got on at the end of this and i saw jerzo being disrespectful
  7. FiveZ


    ever since i came back after my 9 month break, this guy ragdolled me 2 times. i wish he can do more
  8. FiveZ

    Hey! ^_^

    Nice watermark 10/10
  9. Missing Points: Evidence, reasoning for RDM Questions For You: Why you whining because you got killed 2 times by a global admin who was just too lazy to duel a jedi? You don't have to add dragz saying you should be guarding. With 1 staff report, this isn't able to demote a global admin and community ban that global admin. RDM isn't really THAT IMPORTANT to put as a staff report for 1 event. Extra: If Dragz RDM's troopers in his ship in multiple events, then that's a problem. No sign of admin abuse. Conclusion: -1 GOOD NIGHT
  10. any evidence? Ik I was there who was playing the jedi dueling the sith, but you don't need to say RDM on a admin. Suck it up. RDM isn't something you need to call out to demote a admin in 1 event. If dragz is intentionally shooting troopers in his ship and does it in multiple events, then that's a problem, but he's a god damn admin who's been loyal to the community for a long time. Stop, just because you got killed 2 times from dragz's ship, you don't have to try and demote & community ban dragz. good night.
  11. +1 Chill dude. Funny Attitude. Detailed Events. Great Answers. Yet Not Much Playtime.
  12. hey squad fam its your boy, your daddy.... SABRE
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