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  1. "Too True " -People on Instagram
  2. my old private leaving the community.... MEH o7
  3. what reg? was he stuck as a "drill sergeant"
  4. +1 I like the app, you seem trustworthy for being a t-mod.
  5. FiveZ

    Me leaving

    miss you maxine, will miss the time you killed me 10 times in a row in my spawn.
  6. I W I L L M I S S Y O U B R O < 3
  7. oh wait its because its not an application, i see
  8. Really? I did it once and I get warned for it. I don't know if what you are saying is wrong or for some reason I got the warn because of the post being much older.
  9. I agree with this statement when i used to be affiliated with MHC
  10. I remember coming back onto the server and you being a PVT ST. Then working along side you during my MHC days was really great and I never regretted anything during that time except when SM was introduced and you and @wflizzi were killing me and my troops for "tresspassing". We'll miss you buddy!
  11. I remember when lil ol' ridge became a DT private and later a staff member. As time went along I saw him really go down the drain as he got more and more "casual" around the server, over time I wondered if anyone noticed that the server is getting more and more corrupt as time goes on and I really don't want this community to end up like a lot of other "Serious RP" servers as most of those servers crash cause of lack of players or corrupted staff who abuse their power for "personal gain" or "for the laughs" or even because "they know the rules". I like Ridge, he is a very memey, funny guy, but he still needs to be punished even if he is higher than most of the server, I do understand why people are afraid to speak up and that's why I didn't either but i'd never @Qteks to have the balls to do it (no offense btw). +1
  12. welcome to hell may there be a good future for you
  13. @A Doge@ABBA Queef@Able@Acai@Accessdenied@Ace@AcerAced@AceReclaimer | Saints Lieutenant@Acidoverflow@Adam Apple@B.R.A.I.N.@B3nQw23@Badger@Badgers@bailey@Bailey Jay@BaileyJay@Baker@Banks@BapeVape@C3pec@Caboose@Cactus@CactusSky@Cain@Cake@Calkaroo@Callsign Novo@CameronMaduro@D O N G@Da ting go SKKKKRRRRRRAAAAH@Dad@Daednu@Daffybebe@Dallas | Attack Helicopter@Dane@DangerousFiredude@DanK@Dapper@Eclipse@ECork@Eden@Eden@Edwards@Eevee™@Egg@El_@Elgaroth@EliteGamer@Ellery@F0RT4NE@Faithful CSGOGem.com@Falcon@Fancy@fancyhatman@Fandango@Fandango@Farrier@Fartic@Fat Michael Vassili Barrister@FD-DeathTeamOfficer (Soundwave)@Gabstaspike@gabstaspike1@Galen@Gamma@Gandhi@garcon@Gari@GarrTatham@gaymar@Gaz@ha@HACKSAW@HamstaSpec@hankye@hansolo827@Happy@HardhatJones@Harkane@Harleen@Harold@Iguanaa@IG-Towns@Jacques@Jackson@Jacob@Kachigga@K3YR0T@Kaaterinopotayo@Kahoot!@Kawaii Blob@Kellogs@Kendrick@L.B.@Lachlan@Lambington@larrythecrab@Layn@LeastValuablePlayer@Maffa146@Mad-Max499@Malice Murdock@NEGRUS@Nero@Nebula@n0zz@nachomario@Olska@OregonDucks@Orion@Pablo@Paladin✔@PandaCorn@Pandi@Pants@Parks@LePaul@Qteks@Quantum@Ragnar@Ralla@Rambo@Ramirez@Saint@Sal@Salasta@Satan@Saturn@SavagePanda@T1mmy@Tankerz@Tatsumaki@Terrain@Tex@UnWanted@Varkan@Vertex@V-luoTube@Vapos@Variant@yahell1@Yamtastik@yeegunyeezie@yellowtas1@Zach@ZA WHITHE RABBIT@zaspan@pinejack and how could i forget.... @O'Hare Happy Valentine!
  14. i think this is way better than the ragdoll poses i did, +1
  15. Imperial Database [Requesting Access For File] *Password Needed For Access* KDOEP@)#*$(@KDMZLAPWPQOSNFITT(@*#)!<SKL *Access Accepted* *Loading File...* Trooper: Master Sergeant "Sabre" Birth Name: SBRE01 Republic Designation: CT-1024 Imperial Designation: TK-0009 Age: 31 Years of Service: 11 Life In The Republic: SBRE01, an experimental trooper designated As The 2nd In Command of The AntiTrooper squad called "Rust Squad". SBRE01 and his men were clones who had small amounts of midi-chlorians in their blood stream and were slightly in tune with the force and even trained with armies of training commando droids. Shortly after his creation, Rust Squad were disbanded and the project was abandoned after a invasion killed all of the squad members but himself and another trooper. Once the squad disbanded, SBRE01, or known by his former brothers as "Sovereign", SBRE01 was assigned too the Galactic Marines as a Sergeant. Order 66, a event that has destroyed the Republic and brought way too the Empire, SBRE01 was the Galactic Marine that dealt the last shot to Ki-Adi-Mundi before he died, he doesn't regret it too this day. Empire Enlistment: SBRE01, was shortly recruited into the Stormtrooper Corps after being reached out by some Navy officers. During training, SBRE01 was above his friends and fellow clone troopers in both skills and fighting spirit. SBRE01 grew through the ranks of the Corps and eventually reached the rank of Staff Sergeant after reaching impressive feats in the Stromtrooper Corps that a lot of other troopers haven't done before. Sith Inquisitor: Being a force senstitive, SBRE01 saw the Inquisitors doing tryouts so he decided to attend it right after training ends. SBRE01 walks down to the engine room, where the tryouts are happening. SBRE01 was very anxious about not passing because only one person can pass. SBRE01 tackles through the tryouts at his best along side other incredible adversaries he is fighting against for the spot of Inquisitor. It is now time, for the candidate to be chosen for Inquisitor trainee, everyone was pushed against the wall. One by one they were picked off, being told they aren't fit enough for the rank, then it comes down to SBRE01 and another trooper are left. It takes a bit for either one to be chosen, but it turns out that SBRE01 is fit for the rank of Inquisitor and is brought in as a trainee. Three Years after the tryouts, SBRE01 was still a trainee cause of his weak tune with the force and couldn't win any fights unless is being assisted by another force user. SBRE01 was then invited to join the 212th attack battalion by Commander Wombat. 212th Battalion: The former inquisitor walked down the hallway to Main Hangar 2, looking forward to his future. SBRE01 smiled as he lined up and waited for the public tryouts started. Once tryouts started, he knew we would pass cause there were three spots were open and two troopers (including him) in the lineup for tryouts but was still unsure. After tryouts ended both he and the trooper were pushed against the wall and were told "you both pass". During his Two Years in 212th Attack Battalion, SBRE01 realized that he needs to do something but couldn't do anything because his commander was off ship for a long-term vacation. SBRE01 decided to create the regiment "Storm Marines" and mainly named it after the regiment that was most prominent in his life. Storm Marines: SBRE01 had a plan, he had a plan to overthrow the ship and put it into chaos. When he founded Storm Marines, he planned that he and his privates should kidnapped ISB Senior Chief PABLO , with the things he needed, a large amount of followers who would help him, powerful arsenal and a high rank, there was no way his plan could fail, however SBRE01 did not expect that his private named FYRE would give away the plan to ISB and then get executed by all troopers on the ship. Later in the year, the clone of SBRE01 has been discovered in a abandoned base on Kamino and later was retrieved and brought back to ship. The unconscious clone later gotten a robotic chip in the head that would have him act normally but instead of answering to the name of "Sovereign", he will listen to "Sabre", and forever be loyal to the Emperor. Once the clone of SBRE01 woken up he was automatically placed in the Royal Stormtroopers. The possible reason for the clone of SBRE01 surviving the check up on Kamino, is that SBRE01 was a top quality trooper who was loyal until he defected. Royal Stormtrooper: SBRE01, joined the Royal Stormtrooper Guards as a Master Sergeant and is an active guard of the Sith Temple and the Emperor. Nothing much happens to SBRE01 but guarding high ranking sith, but whenever on the battlefield and is sent on an assault mission, SBRE01's blood lust and spirit for fighting engages and usually nearly dies during those fights but will still keep on doing it.
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